MNS Podcast 006 | Basic Soul Unit

A deep and melodic expedition by talented DJ and producer, Basic Soul Unit, featuring his track ‘Late Night Shift’ soon to be released on the Midnight Shift label.

01. Basic Soul Unit – Deep Diving (New Kanada) 
02. Morphosis – Wild In Captivity (Delsin) 
03. Argy – Ethiopia's Rise (Cadenza) 
04. Basic Soul Unit – For Some (New Kanada) 
05. Empty Set – Altogether Lost feat Cornelius Harris (Ben Klock's Glowing Clap Mix) (CLR) 
06. Basic Soul Unit – Late Night Shift (Midnight Shift) 
07. Cosmin TRG – Fizic (50 Weapons) 
08. Instra:mental – Pyramid (3024) 
09. Robert Hood – Track 5 (CLR) 
10. Joey Beltram – The Start It Up (Claude Young Mix) (Trax) 
11. Basic Soul Unit – Soulspeak (Shed Mix) (Dolly) 
12. Francois X – Code Red (Marcel Dettman Remix) (Deeply Rooted) 
13. Traversable Wormhole – Exiting The Milkyway (Surgeon Remix) (CLR) 
14. Peter Van Hoesen – Axis Mundi (Ostgut Ton) 
15. Vozmediano – There's A Light (Rolando Remix) (Be As One) 
16. Roots Panorama – Threee (Deetron Mix) (Versatile) 
17. Braille – Riverbed (Hotflush) 
18. Machinedrum – Now U Know Tha Deal 4 Real (Planet Mu)

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MNS Podcast 006: Basic Soul Unit