MNS Podcast 001 | Fran Hartnett

Fran Hartnett is possibly one of Dublin's best-kept secrets. Frequently featured in Surgeon's mixes, including Fabric 53, Fran's work is white hot. Here, he lays down an exclusive mix featuring his own jam plus originals.

00.00 Fran Hartnett - No Undo (sample) [Subsist/Orbis Records] 
00.30 Fran Hartnett - Picture of a Thousand Tones [Audio Assault] 
04.20 Rory St. John - 13 Bullet (Fran Hartnett Remix) [Limetree] 
07.48 Live Section 1 
33.14 Fran Hartnett - Mutant Substance
36.47 Live Section 2 
44.12 Fran Hartnett - It was Written in Vapour [Audio Assault] 
47.59 Live Section 3 
51.24 Fran Hartnett - Sword and Shield [Stasis]

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MNS Podcast 001: Fran Hartnett