MNS Podcast 015 | Kirk Degiorgio

Kirk Degiorgio LIVE at Trouw Amsterdam.

One of techno's finest. Captain Kirk Degiorgio is known for his monthly Sound Obsession shows on Red Bull Music Academy Radio, where he rinses eclectic, hard to find material. But the man can rock dancefloors too and here's proof of it with a 3-hour set recorded deep from the trenches of Trouw Amsterdam.

Tell us a bit about your label how far it has come, and what do you think is the role of labels these days?
The role of labels has now become more about promoting the artist, rather than selling many units. Few labels - even the larger independents - sell more than a few hundred vinyl copies, so it's more about getting good digital distribution to build the profile of the artist.

Some impressions of your recent gigs in Singapore/Asia in general?
I'm always amazed how knowledgeable my fans are around the world. Even in Beijing, there were techno fans who brought along some of the my early albums to sign. They told me stories of how difficult it was to get dance music in the early days.

What is your current sound obsession?
Library Music of the seventies and eighties!

A track you wish people would play more of?
As One - Epic

What is the rarest record you own?
I digitised and sold my vinyl over the past several years - but in that time, I had many original Sun Ra pressings that were very valuable.

Name us a track that sounds like it's from the future?
Richard Davis 'Methane Sea' - released as a 7" only in 1978 - it's 3070 from Cybotron. Amazingly ahead of its time.

Best place in the world to make music? Why?
My studio! Because the machines are on 24/7 and it's always been in my home. So anytime I get inspiration, I can get to work instantly.

Your favourite year for music and why?
It's always the current year. I'm not a guy who looks back at any 'golden era' and complains about the present. I'm always listening to new up and coming artists.

Reflections on 2013?
Another creative year. My Sambatek project with Brazilian percussionists was played by a diverse DJ set - from Seth Troxler to  DJ Rolando, my Machine parties with Ben Sims going from strength to strength in its third year and the continued interest in my ART label which introduced some more rising artists.

What do you wish for in 2014?
Health, happiness and more good techno!! 

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MNS Podcast 015