MNS Podcast 014 | Simon Hinter

Next to be released. An underrated talent with a knack for subtle melodies. Simon Hinter shares his influences and personal edits in a podcast for Midnight Shift. Scroll down for interview and tracklist.

Home Town: Siegen
Artist Projects: Simon Hinter, Mr.Backside
Favorite Cuisine: I like Italian food
How, when, where was the mix recorded: 
For this time i do the podcast at home into Ableton Live in June 2013.
How will you describe it to us?
It's a mix of own exclusive edits and tracks of my friends I'm working with. For this set I've mixed own beats with instruments in Ableton.  
Major Influences 
In making beats i was infuenced by Pete Rock and all the classic hip hop stuff coming from the ninetees. I would say the first Daft Punk LP has given me the first impulse making dance music. I know everybody likes them but I hink for me it was a pioneering piece of music. 
I always love old music from the past. Especially black music. Sometimes a bit psychedelic stuff. I think all these Jazz, Soul, Funk, Disco, Psychedelic Stuff. I think all music with groove. 
The greatest moment for me was 2005 at Soma Festival in Cologne. It was the first time for me hearing a great set of a great DJ (Ellen Allien). It pushed me so hard that I couldn't stop dancing. After the party a friend of Allen invited me to the after hour in another club but I was too tired for that. 
Describe the music scene where you are from?
Here in Siegen there is no real music scene. Sometimes we have a few club nights. Much of them we running ourselves sometimes. In Siegen there's a bigger alternative rock scene. I think the people here are very stuffy. Sometimes i think it's cool cause you are very exotic here. I know a few people here who are making music.
Your favorite record you produced to date?
No special track. I think like them all. 
Favorite record store:
I like a record store in Stockholm. I went there to play a gig. They had lots of soundtracks from different movies especially these Italian gangster stuff from the seventees. It was wonderful digging there in crates. Otherwise one of my best friends and me worked in our local record store "Kratzer". It's another favorite. I like record stores where you can buy everything. Not only for dance records.
Favorite gear?
Good question. I like my 8mm Movie projector and my camera i bought at a flea market :) Thats Old School.
Artist you admire?
There're lots of artists i admire. I like DJ Koze since his early projects. He accompanies me from my way from hip hop to dance music and he's still doing what he wants to do. I think I have no paragons or models but for me that's the right way to be a stable artist.
A good producer is one that...
Makes big feelings with small mediums. I want to feel dramatic moments and soul in the tracks. If you don't exactly know what comes next it's a good base for buying the next record. No one will buy boring products.
Best performer?
There are lots of great performers. I like Exile, a Beat Maker who works with Blu. He's a wizard at the MPC. I have great respect for these people. Its something competely different as playing CDs or something. 
About Mr.Backside...
Before I started to make House and Techno music I produced hip hop. So a friend of mine started an independent platform for beat producers all around the globe. For this time, we're releasing vinyl CDs focused on pressing vinyl some day. Since a few years this is my alias for slow instrumental hip hop beats. I'm working with some beat producers and rappers for upcoming projects. The Mr.Backside debut album is out now. You can order it via Bandcamp
Is an album in the works?
There are plans to make my Simon Hinter debut LP on PHIL. But it's future music. Let's see what will happen. 
Whats next for you?
Together with the Midnight Shift release there will be 3 EPs on PHIL. One which came out recently is PHIL006 with Basic Soul Unit & Philogresz remixes. After that we'll doin PHIL007, a feature release with my man evolv from Maryland. I met him in the web. Till now we're doing stuff together. He's making sweet noisy ambient tracks. He's a genius.  

01. Willie Hutch - Gonna Work It Out (Hinter's Re-Edit)

02. E - Brothers - Funky Piano' (Hinter's Re-Edit)

03. Billy Cobham – Heather (Hinter's Re-Edit)

04. Curtis Mayfield – We The People who are darker than blue (Hinter's Re-Edit)

05. The Crusaders – Chain Reaction (Hinter's Re-Edit)

06. Dexter Gordon – The Sweetest Pain (Hinter's RE-Edit)

07. Roy Ayers - Ain't Got Time (Hinter's Re-Edit)
08. John Coltrane/Sarah Vaughan – Fifth House/Swingin Easy (Hinter's Re-Edit)

09. Phil Hinter Ensemble – When Ash Comes Down

10. Simon Hinter (feat evolv) – Scrapes

11. Simon Hinter – Leave

12. Phil Hinter Ensemble – Sonnendeck

13. Love Unlimited Vibes – LUV005

14. Phil Hinter Ensemble – ST3

15. Axel Boman – Look What You've Done To Me
To download the mix:

MNS Podcast 014