MNS Podcast 013 | John Heckle

The future is bright with the young John Heckle banging a techno set mixed with his own tracks and reminiscent of the old world.

Home town: 
Wirral, Merseyside

Star sign:

Favourite cuisine:

How, when, where was this mix recorded? 
I recorded it at home straight after a long stint concentrating on a new album. 

How will you describe it to us? 
You can probably tell that I wanted to let off some steam when recording it. Pretty heavy, akin to how I remember parties sounding like when I was a teenager; plenty of throwing the records around. Mostly classic stuff but some new stuff in there as well (including some unreleased material).

Describe the music scene where you are from? 
It's very healthy in terms of bands and singer songwriters. There are many, many talented musicians (of the likes that would put me to shame). In terms of techno there's a small and steadily growing community of producers coming to the fore, after what seems like a barren last few years. I have a good feeling about the future.

How do you feel belonging to the techno scene at this point in history? 
I feel very honored to be part of the scene. To be able to contribute to such a dedicated community is very humbling.

What would you say your major influences are, in particular which albums or moments in life? 
My brother learning to DJ and teaching me; buying my first British Murder Boys record; seeing Jeff Mills for the first time; a friend showing me Jamal Moss records.

Your favorite record you produced to date? 
I guess it would have to be the first Mathematics 12". I was in University at the time, and if that hadn't have come out when it did then I may have taken a very different path than I ended up taking. 

Favourite record store in the world? 
I can't think of one that I would call my favourite. The ones I went to are all now shut down (X-Fade/The Palace in Liverpool).

A good producer is one that... makes music they're into, not what other people like. Regardless of genre or production method and all that.

A good DJ is one that... in my opinion a good DJ is one that is always working behind the booth. I like to see a DJ putting the effort in, not waving their arms in the air. I guess that's genre specific though.

Describe your dream gig. 
I'd love to play in Tokyo someday.

Someone you wish the world heard more of.  
I guess a lot of people have already heard of them, but Objekt and Call Super are great DJ's. Would love to see them playing more often.

Is an album in the works? 
Yeah the next album will be called 'Desolate Figures', and is due imminently on Tabernacle Records.

What's next for you? 
I'm going to continue to tour as much as I can, and carry on in the studio as much as humanly possible.  

Kat Epple & Bob Stohl - Titanium Cave
Interplanetary Prophets - Running Out Of Time
Chris and Cosey - Little Houses
UR - Sonic EP
Joey Beltram - Flash Cube
Maurizio - Ploy
John Heckle - Death of A Spaceman
Futurhythm - Phuture 2
Neil Landstrumm Rise
Joey Beltram - Mentasm
Dave Clarke - Zeno Xero
Deeon - Work Your Body
Playground Production Z - Vertigo
Delroy Edwards - The Fast Lane
Drew Sky - Focus
Funk - Knock Knock
The Martian - Spontaneous Lifeform
H&M - Real Life
Funk- Booty Perk U Later
The Sun God - The Nine Billion Names of God
Public Energy - Three O' Three
John Heckle - Crazy Metal
Hieroglyphic Being - The Electronic Belt
Truncate - Modify
Patrick Pulsinger - Porno
Robert Hood - Addict
Eddie Fowlkes - Black Man Orchestra
Richard Devine - V423
AFX - VBS.Redlof.B 

MNS Podcast 013