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From the soul to the feet

From a big family and a melting pot of influences comes France’s Anaxander. The ‘machines guy’ of acid punk band ‘Drunk’ out of San Francisco and the persona behind multiple other production monikers, Anaxander’s output from the outside may at first seem as schizophrenic as his colourful history.

First spawned from scenes such as AB Music/New Beat, 90s UK and Belgium Rave and later, the tsunamis of UK and US House and Techno, Anaxander pays it to varied artist styles from Front 242 to Juan Atkins and Chopin. Over the years, he has been at times songwriter, vocalist, keyboardist and machinist to several alternative bands including acid live acts performing at the “bat cave” parties of 1989-1990.

The years 1994-2006 saw Anaxander actively DJ at festivals and rooms big and small. With an eye always on the public, his tension-filled sets keep the dancefloor on an edge by mixing the dark with the cheeky, deep and the ghetto, with a personal preference for a dirtier sound over a clean arrangement.

Since 2011, Anaxander has focused on producing dance music – drawing inspirations from world news, astrology, life experiences and the people close to him, tweaking synths, jamming both on his machines and with his friends on a daily basis. Now using a solely hardware setup and Roland, MPC, Waldorf and Korg gear as part of his arsenal, Anaxander’s foremost approach is still about having fun.

His quality and wax-only output as Anaxander marks him as a musical chameleon you’ll be lucky to catch; an illuminating glimpse to the individual behind other shape-shifting projects for movie shorts, documentaries, an acid punk band, friendly respectful collaborations and other personal deliriums…

Warm words from…
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