We’re here to catch a different beat.
An uprising grounded in sound,
Bringing the emerging and established
together in production and performance
on one global stage.
A movement in energy, time and space.
Make the shift!





Tapirus - a mystical creature arises where the mountains meet under the misty moonlight. Having endured through uncertain, deep and dark times over the ages, Tapirus emerges renewed and rejuvenated, and a stronger definition of his former self. He conjures with a powerful force fantastical creations from the depths of his being. On one hand, tough with a bite - to reflect the rough, acidic terrains he had to traverse and overcome to arrive at the here and now. And on the other, ethereal, of flight and fantasy, to represent the transcendence of character that was necessary to take place. His deeply musical and sophisticated manifestations speak of transformation and elevation. If you ever chance upon an encounter with the mystical Tapirus, hold still, hush and listen to his enrapturing stories.