Review: Neneh Cherry - Blank Project

When Neneh Cherry-singer, 80s it-girl, grandmother-announced a new record for 2014, it was met with a collective "huh" of quasi-anticipation. At least, of curiosity. This may be because, in spite of her past fame, most of us still don?t know who she is or what she has to say.

By | Josh

Review: Four Tet - Beautiful Rewind

Whether one views him as a trend jumper, or Johnny-come-lately artist, or simply a musical genius, make no mistake, there's always a point when you'll come to a greater appreciation and understanding of where you need to be at any given point in time.

By | BP

Review: Darkside - Psychic

It's space-rock, for sure. But inner space. Jaar manages to conjure an expansive emotional landscape within an inward and rather constrained palette of sound. 'Psychic' is a microcosmos, a galaxy of infinitely small gestures. And at this tiny scale, every move feels important.

By | Josh

Artist Interview: Shigeki

From Japan to Sydney and Singapore, Shigeki has been in the circuit since 1999, carving his unique sound between deep, soulful, progressive, tech house, nu-disco and chillout. Now part of a dynamic duo dishing out the business every Friday with Brendon P, Shigeki will be showcasing his Samurai skills at kyo for the Midnight Shift Label Showcase featuring Terrence Parker.

By | Editor

Review: Four Tet - Pink

Four Tet's 'Pink' is, also in some ways, less of an album and more so a compendium anyway...a culmination of his journey so far, both as a musician and DJ.

By | Brendon P

Review: Robert Hood - Motor: Nighttime World 3

Those expecting the usual fare of Robert Hood?s fiercely spare, loopy Detroit techno will be surprised. Continuing in the vein of previous instalments, 'Motor: Nighttime World 3' largely relays Hood?s mellower side with poignant electronics foregrounded over percussive dancefloor ingredients.

By | Justin

Midnight Shift
2 hours of on-the-spot quality from KaSpar. Full tracklist and interview from this RBMA grad for the Midnight...
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Midnight Shift
New podcast from Siegen's Simon Hinter, who has just released on 'Shift 004' with Philogresz and TERRENCE PARKER...
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