Artist Interview: Kaye

While Kaye (Darker Than Wax) may be a scene stalwart from back in the day, he remains a key innovator today with new toys and projects constantly adding to his repertoire and bag of tricks. Catch him perform an exclusive live set exploring a techier side just for Midnight Shift. Watch his 'lil teaser video 'Control Shift' here for a clue.

By | Editor

Review: Space Dimension Controller - Welcome to Mikrosector-50

Mr. 8040 has managed to write a storybook and a soundtrack to it that could very well be Star Trek re-visited, beyond the 24th Century, only a hell of a lot more funked up.

By | Brendon P

Review: Legowelt - The Paranormal Soul

Channelling otherworldly 'cosmic intuition', Legowelt expertly conjures up some very sweet vintage synth sounds with his collection of analog equipment. Not to be dismissed as a mere exercise in nostalgia - there are nods to early techno, house, acid and rave (or as Legowelt puts it, "90's weird English stuff from all over the place") - the end product is decidedly modern.

By | Una Sangard

Artist Interview: Isaac Aesili

Meet Isaac Aesili, an integral member of many bands including Recloose Live, Solaa and Open Souls and deemed by Benji B to be one of the most exciting soul talents to emerge from the South Pacific. He is now part of Funkommunity (with Rachel Fraser) and Karlmarx (with brother Mark McNeill). The producer, multi-instrumentalist and DJ will be performing live alongside Singapore's Kiat this Saturday at Velvet Underground-Dance.

By | Editor

Review: The Magic 3

The criteria of what makes a good mix, DJ or otherwise, differ from person to person. Agreed? Now that's out of the way, here are three mixes that have stood out lately, and in no particular order. Apologies that like most things in life, there's neither fancy artwork nor tracklists available for these mixes.

By | The Dash

Review: Deniz Kurtel & The Marcy All-Stars - The Way We Live

Deniz Kurtel bravely lets fans know that she doesn't subscribe to one magic formula - it's gonna take more than this to pin down a definitive style for the 'queen of house'.

By | SC

Review: Robert Hood - Motor: Nighttime World 3

Those expecting the usual fare of Robert Hood?s fiercely spare, loopy Detroit techno will be surprised. Continuing in the vein of previous instalments, 'Motor: Nighttime World 3' largely relays Hood?s mellower side with poignant electronics foregrounded over percussive dancefloor ingredients.

By | Justin

Review: Sango - Da Rocinha

Reinterpreting the fervour of Brazilian's funk carioca, Sango's latest EP thrives in Rio's heat, curiously echoing distinct loops with provoking sounds cloaked under the subdued layers of dub and resounding snares.

By | Bobby

Review: Similar Objects - Shift Frequency

The fascinating intricacies of 'Shift Frequency''s compositions evoke a visceral, post-rock sentiment that is uncommonly beautiful. Bobby reviews EP from Darker Than Wax label.

By | Bobby

Review: The Expert - Neckbreakers Beat Tape

Featuring a nifty compilation of funk-soul Blaxploitation instrumentals, The Expert's 'Neckbreakers Beat Tape' reigns in its significance of boom bap as well as digital dexterity that manages to retain that glorious resonance of acetate.

By | Bobby

Darker Than Wax : 3rd Party feat Andreas Saag

Brace yourself for this Friday 16 March 2012, where the crew from Darker Than Wax present Scandinavia's Andreas Saag at Velvet Underground with resident, Jeremy Boon. Special guests also include the one-man band extraordinaire, Hafez Masterpiece and a warm-up set by one-to-watch Marco Weibel. Read on for thoughts on where they're at. To get on the exclusive guestlist, email:

By | Editor

Artist Interview: Kevin Lester

Let's talk about Kevin Lester. At 26, Kevin Lester is a rap artist, songwriter and producer and 1/9th of the band outfit Sixx out of the Singapura. Also known as the Lion City Boy, he has been garnering serious attention around the world and it's about time you did too. Kevin Lester will be honourable man on the mic at Midnight Shift x Zouk 02: Future Bound on Sat 25 Feb.

By | Editor

Artist Interview: DJ KFC

The local bar and lounge scene is ruled by the funk, soul brother sounds of DJ KFC (real initials), whose feel-good sets never fail to rouse both life and revelry. He graces us with the first set of the night at Midnight Shift x Zouk 02: Future Bound on 25 Feb 2012, plus a special preview mix recorded live at Overeasy that should get your mouth watering for more.

By | SSS

Review: Boof - Shhh, Dandelions At Play

Released mid last year but only discovered now, reviewer The Dash makes a case for why everyone should be a Maurice Fulton fan with his futuristic funk album: Shhh, Dandelions At Play.

By | The Dash

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