Review: Egyptrixx - A/B Til Infinity

The songs don?t appear to be driven by musical ideas, but instead by a smart combination of stylistic elements. This, ironically, is what is so attractive about the proposition of "A/B Til Infinity."

By | Josh

Review: Recondite - Hinterland

A blueprint of instrumental techno perhaps? From the first note of the long-player, one is lured to take a step through the woods. And then a next and a next, trekking through the hinterland of Recondite's mind.

By | The Dash

Review: Four Tet - Beautiful Rewind

Whether one views him as a trend jumper, or Johnny-come-lately artist, or simply a musical genius, make no mistake, there's always a point when you'll come to a greater appreciation and understanding of where you need to be at any given point in time.

By | BP

Review: Lawrence - Films & Windows

Where modern genre tracks favour straightjacketed formulas and big hooks to capture attention, Lawrence's music shuns the approach, preferring an expressionist style of music with the artist at the centre.

By | The Dash

Review: Vakula - You've Never Been To Konotop

Add this not just to your shopping cart if you can, but to your quest for life, art and spiritual development.

By | BP

Review: Oliver Deutschmann - Out of the Dark

For what it's worth, this album is an excellent showcase of Oliver's deep repertoire and what Vidab as a label has to offer. It has its hits and misses but fans shouldn't be disappointed. Also 'Out of the Dark - Remixes' is out now featuring three of my more favored tracks on the album. Check it out.

By | Russell Lick

Review: Space Dimension Controller - Welcome to Mikrosector-50

Mr. 8040 has managed to write a storybook and a soundtrack to it that could very well be Star Trek re-visited, beyond the 24th Century, only a hell of a lot more funked up.

By | Brendon P

Review: Nosaj Thing - Home LP

While it won't be surprising that this album might have mixed reviews, it's quite certain that longevity is to be found in change for Nosaj does leave one wondering whether it would have made a difference if 'Home' was someone else's debut effort instead?

By | Nick Chan

Review: Redshape - Square

You heard him perform it live at the 3rd year anniversary, now own a piece of Redshape at home. His sophomore album 'Square' continues in the vein of his elegant yet rugged house/techno, orchestrated in outer-space, future-baroque tones and percussive layers.

By | Justin

Review: Four Tet - Pink

Four Tet's 'Pink' is, also in some ways, less of an album and more so a compendium anyway...a culmination of his journey so far, both as a musician and DJ.

By | Brendon P

The JUICE Playlist: August

The JUICE playlist is back, as always, with a discerning, sequential mixbag traversing music from the different camps. Get a bite!


Review: Vince Watson - Every Soul Needs A Guide

Thoughtfully deep and diverse, Vince Watson's 7th album, 'Every Soul Needs A Guide' shows the veteran producer's lighter, nu-jazz side.

By | SSS

Review: Ital - Hive Mind

Creative producer alert. Ital showcases his varied influences in shoegaze and noise with his album 'Hive Mind', which is used to dialogue effectively against house foundations in this post-genre world.

By | The Dash

Review: Delano Smith - An Odyssey

"Without Delano there would be no Derrick" - Derrick May. Detroit's Delano Smith has been around the circuit since DJing in 1978 but only releases his first LP now (albeit after many singles). A real treat for fans tuned into his sound, but for new converts? The answer is 'maybe'.

By | The Dash

Review: Monolake - Ghosts

Is the future a triumph of sound over music? Monolake's new album, Ghosts, as reviewed by Justin, seems to point in that direction.

By | Justin


Originally published by POSKOD.SG and republished here with their express written permission. SOUNDSCAPING is its special section that soundtracks Singapore's neighbourhoods. This edition sees the prolific Darren Ng aka sonicbrat tracking sounds from his idyllic neighbourhood: The bedroom.



It's a Fabuary with the JUICE team dishing out this month's must-hear music from Jacques Greene, Burial, Lapulux, Jam City and Battles. To be listened in order.


Artist Feature: Basic Soul Unit

The name on many lips and in as many record stashes by now, Basic Soul Unit aka Stuart Li graces us with Podcast #006 - a very cool, soaring techno mix also featuring his track 'Late Night Shift' soon to be out on the Midnight Shift label. We are grateful to have this insightful interview from our affable Torontonian.

By | Editor

Review: Pinch & Shackleton

Against the atmosphere of the festive season, Pinch and Shackleton deliver an album that locks down a passing cloud of darkness and sieves out 9 beautifully intricate, complex tracks.

By | SSS

Midnight Shift
2 hours of on-the-spot quality from KaSpar. Full tracklist and interview from this RBMA grad for the Midnight...
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Midnight Shift
New podcast from Siegen's Simon Hinter, who has just released on 'Shift 004' with Philogresz and TERRENCE PARKER...
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