March Music Freebie Roundup

A super mixed bag of ten free downloads for March. If you have a promo you would like to share as a download, email us at info [at] mnshift.com.

By | Editor

Review: Ron Morelli - Spit

For the large part drone-y, loopy, lo-fi, raw and decidedly unmusical in the conventional sense, the short 8-tracker that clocks in at slightly under 35 minutes took me multiple listens, and each time produced a different reaction.

By | The Dash

Review: Neneh Cherry - Blank Project

When Neneh Cherry-singer, 80s it-girl, grandmother-announced a new record for 2014, it was met with a collective "huh" of quasi-anticipation. At least, of curiosity. This may be because, in spite of her past fame, most of us still don?t know who she is or what she has to say.

By | Josh

Review: C.Spencer Yeh, Okkyung Lee, Lasse Marhaug - Wake Up Awesome

Elegant bits of string performance mix with studio chop-and-screw, funny mouth noises, cello farts, and dusty samples. It has no coherence as an artistic product, except what it is not?the album is an exercise in negativity, in showing what its creators are trying to avoid.

By | Josh

Review: Emptyset - Recur

It takes a discerning ear to appreciate Emptyset's latest production but if you can, you will be gradually, unknowingly, elevated to a cataleptic order. This album skillfully toes the line between being artfully abrasive and discordantly mechanical.

By | TT

Review: Egyptrixx - A/B Til Infinity

The songs don?t appear to be driven by musical ideas, but instead by a smart combination of stylistic elements. This, ironically, is what is so attractive about the proposition of "A/B Til Infinity."

By | Josh

Review: DJ Rashad - Double Cup

It's an extreme approach to a rather directionless musical moment, where most sophistication is invested in looking, lovingly, backwards. And for this reason, Rashad's aggressive solution will likely continue to polarize listeners.

By | Josh

Review: Sequence Report - Secromance

Secromance, for all of its 'flaws and it has some big'uns' impossibly captures the feeling of tramping home through the Chi-town winter with a strange and beautiful record in your bag, that bright and secret thing, a telegram from some like-minded soul.

By | Josh

Review: Kwes. - ilp

Kwes proves that you can speak loudly by being quiet. This doesn't mean that he only shines against the vulgarity of the Miley Moment, however. His world of colour feels like an expanded view that is just beginning to come into focus.

By | Josh

Review: Laurel Halo - Chance of Rain

'Chance of Rain' is rich in ambivalent impulses that come together in a thrilling tension to inspire a sense of dialogue and movement.

By | TT

Review: Four Tet - Beautiful Rewind

Whether one views him as a trend jumper, or Johnny-come-lately artist, or simply a musical genius, make no mistake, there's always a point when you'll come to a greater appreciation and understanding of where you need to be at any given point in time.

By | BP

Review: Darkside - Psychic

It's space-rock, for sure. But inner space. Jaar manages to conjure an expansive emotional landscape within an inward and rather constrained palette of sound. 'Psychic' is a microcosmos, a galaxy of infinitely small gestures. And at this tiny scale, every move feels important.

By | Josh

Subaltern Soundbites

A mixbag pick of 3 new LPs from Kirk Degiorgio to Huerco S. and Senking create this edition of Subaltern Soundbites.

By | The Dash

Review: Ultrademon - Seapunk

Emotive, self-referential, fun and undeniably talented, this album should not be cast away. Outwardly colorful packaging and distractive sideshows aside, careful listening and deeper digging reveal a sensitive artist wanting to be heard and make a difference.

By | The Dash

The JUICE Playlist: December

Goodbye 2012. JUICE wraps up a brilliant year of music with this ending selection of tunes from the likes of Scuba, Kevin Mcphee, Burial, Sound Stream and a Cherry Chan & Kiat remix of local band, Monster Cat. Hello 2013.


Poskod.sg's Soundscaping: Yishun

Muon's Nick Chan journeys a single stretch of road to Yishun Dam and finds himself between culture and nature for this edition of Poskod.sg's Soundscaping.


Artist Interview: Max Lane

Part of the self-absorbed They-Create-You-Tolerate movement, Max Lane's marriage of Malay ethnic beats with a cutting-edge sensibility has made many a ear perk up. Catch Max Lane doing something out of the ordinary at Midnight Shift's 3rd Anniversary on 17 Nov 2012.

By | Editor

Review: Delta Funktionen - Traces

"Those randomly strewn hacked up pieces that glazes the cover of 'Traces', are significant and probably, also the solution to the jig-saw puzzle within the album. The sum of all parts add together to reveal an interesting collection of classic meets future classic." Brendon P reviews Delta Funktionen's debut LP 'Traces'.

By | Brendon P

Review: Sand Circles - Motor City

Formerly available only on limited run cassette, all-instrumental 'Motor City' by Sand Circles on the Not Not Fun label gets a 2012 digital release.

By | SSS

Review: Ital - Hive Mind

Creative producer alert. Ital showcases his varied influences in shoegaze and noise with his album 'Hive Mind', which is used to dialogue effectively against house foundations in this post-genre world.

By | The Dash

Review: Monolake - Ghosts

Is the future a triumph of sound over music? Monolake's new album, Ghosts, as reviewed by Justin, seems to point in that direction.

By | Justin


Originally published by POSKOD.SG and republished here with their express written permission. SOUNDSCAPING is its special section that soundtracks Singapore's neighbourhoods. This edition sees the prolific Darren Ng aka sonicbrat tracking sounds from his idyllic neighbourhood: The bedroom.


Review: D'Marc Cantu - Fallen

Get ready to be sucked into a swirling vortex of jacking rhythms, a tunnel of sound pulsing with gritty synths, solid beats, and deep vocals growling in the background with D'Marc Cantu's Fallen.

By | SSS

Review: Boof - Shhh, Dandelions At Play

Released mid last year but only discovered now, reviewer The Dash makes a case for why everyone should be a Maurice Fulton fan with his futuristic funk album: Shhh, Dandelions At Play.

By | The Dash

Review: Pinch & Shackleton

Against the atmosphere of the festive season, Pinch and Shackleton deliver an album that locks down a passing cloud of darkness and sieves out 9 beautifully intricate, complex tracks.

By | SSS

The Juice Playlist: December

Another big drop from the JUICE team on what's hot for the last month of 2011.


Review: Orphx - Radiotherapy

A brilliant hybrid of techno and noise, Radiotherapy is one of those albums where perhaps it's best that you discover the experience for yourself.

By | SSS


Keeping the JUICEs flowing this November are Keep Shelly in Athens, Vril, Darkside (a Nicolas Jaar project), Andy Stott and Washed Out. Plug into these selections now.


Review: Elektro Guzzi - Parquet

Parquet is an energetic step up from Elektro Guzzi's self-titled debut album in 2010, and an unconventional and fresh piece of work that deserves a thorough listen, for all techno - and even post-rock - fans.

By | SSS

Midnight Shift
2 hours of on-the-spot quality from KaSpar. Full tracklist and interview from this RBMA grad for the Midnight... http://t.co/XAlL3n17Fm
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Midnight Shift
New podcast from Siegen's Simon Hinter, who has just released on 'Shift 004' with Philogresz and TERRENCE PARKER... http://t.co/e23Uf384KD
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