Review: Similar Objects - Shift Frequency

The fascinating intricacies of 'Shift Frequency''s compositions evoke a visceral, post-rock sentiment that is uncommonly beautiful. Bobby reviews EP from Darker Than Wax label.

By | Bobby


Originally published by POSKOD.SG and republished here with their express written permission. SOUNDSCAPING is its special section that soundtracks Singapore's neighbourhoods. This edition sees the prolific Darren Ng aka sonicbrat tracking sounds from his idyllic neighbourhood: The bedroom.



It's a Fabuary with the JUICE team dishing out this month's must-hear music from Jacques Greene, Burial, Lapulux, Jam City and Battles. To be listened in order.


Inter-Review: Xhin - Sword

A postmodern fairytale adventure is exactly how Brendon P describes Xhin's critically received 3rd album, 'Sword'. Scroll down for an exclusive interview with the maker. Xhin will be performing at Midnight Shift's 2nd Anniversary tomorrow after midnight.

By | Brendon P

Review: Deetron - Balance 020

Deetron releases the highly anticipated Balance 020 - an outstanding double mix CD featuring one part all digital; the other all analogue. Veteran DJ and producer Brendon P gives his review.

By | Brendon P

Artist Feature: Fran Hartnett

Fran Hartnett is possibly one of Dublin's best-kept secrets. Frequently featured in Surgeon's mixes, including Fabric 53, Fran's work is white hot. Here, he lays down an exclusive mix featuring his own jams plus the track 'Mutant Substance' soon to be released on the Midnight Shift album.

By | Θ23

Review: Zomby - Dedication

Released for sale today (11 July 2011), Zomby finally delivers his rock-solid 16-track album, 'Dedication'. The wait was certainly worth the while!

By | (^o^)

Review: Kangding Ray - Or

As a member of the raster-noton family, Kangding Ray and his music are necessarily concerned with the click-clacks of minimal electronic sound design; conceptualised through artistic missives and scientific sequences; and realised through experimental projects, publications and installation works?. etc., etc. and more etc.

By | θ23

Review: Jackmaster - FabricLive.57

Bit of a change in tack around here, this week's review goes not to the next bright-young-DIY beatmaker, but a tastemaking Glaswegian DJ without a single record to his name.

By | θ23

Syndicate, The Birth Of

Against a sanitized backdrop of fast food music, Syndicate was conceived over rounds of beers to reduce the growing impact of harmful beats and caveman frequencies in the accelerated world today.

By | Syndicate

Review: Gold Panda - Lucky Shiner

Who is this Gold Panda? What is this hipster electronic music?

By | θ23

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