Artist Interview: William J

William J's forward thinking selection, quick mixing, versatility, and strong knowledge of dance music history has been bubbling up in the Singapore underground. Catch him representing his Darker Than Wax label stable this Saturday before KiNK.

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Artist Interview: B

The B boys come out to play. Holding parties since 2006 under various guises, they come together with Midnight Shift for a series of techno excursions from the left, right and centre.

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Artist Interview: Zul Andra

Local scene-star Zul Andra writes, promotes, organises, DJs, and now will hold his own behind the mic for B x Midnight Shift 001 this Saturday at kyo. Let's hear it for the one-man flag-bearer and friend of everything electronic music in Singapore.

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Artist Interview: Avneesh

Mauritian/Martian Avneesh joins our showcase tonight. Find out more about the multi-tasking music lover and man behind underground outfit electrocaine who not only lives and breathes music, but shares it with the world through his various projects and manifestations. Enjoy this one.

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Artist Interview: Shigeki

From Japan to Sydney and Singapore, Shigeki has been in the circuit since 1999, carving his unique sound between deep, soulful, progressive, tech house, nu-disco and chillout. Now part of a dynamic duo dishing out the business every Friday with Brendon P, Shigeki will be showcasing his Samurai skills at kyo for the Midnight Shift Label Showcase featuring Terrence Parker.

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Artist Interview: Brendon P

Brendon P probably no introduction. A stalwart of the Singapore scene (also reviewer for this blog), DJ for 33 years and with productions on labels such as Los Grandes, Love International Records, Rawjak, Reversoulmusic, Eclasia, Audio Parallax and In The Woods, BP has mentored whole generations of DJs while continuing to rock dancefloors around the island with his encyclopedic knowledge of burners. Catch him this Saturday for the Midnight Shift Label Showcase featuring Terrence Parker.

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Artist Interview: Kaye

While Kaye (Darker Than Wax) may be a scene stalwart from back in the day, he remains a key innovator today with new toys and projects constantly adding to his repertoire and bag of tricks. Catch him perform an exclusive live set exploring a techier side just for Midnight Shift. Watch his 'lil teaser video 'Control Shift' here for a clue.

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Artist Interview: Adrian Wee

Formerly from The Liquid Room, Butter Factory and now at Zouk, Adrian Wee aka weelikeme is founder of the island's longest running indie nights - Poptart - but has his beginnings too firmly rooted in techno. Read on to find out more about him and listen to his promo mix before his performance at the Midnight Shift Label Showcase on 13 April 2013 featuring Deetron.

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Review: Jose James - No Beginning No End

In pursuing this creative experiment of fusing jazz together with soul and hip hop, the album unfolds in exceptional glory, seductive and romantic. It straddles between the contemporary and conventional, where music is injected with a fresh perspective without straying from the catalyst of traditional influences.

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Artist Interview: Angela Flame

Singapore techno queen Angela Flame graces the decks at Midnight Shift x Zouk: Alpha on 26 Jan. Find out about her top 10 charts and renewed love for DJing in this interview below.

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Artist Interview: Ceno2

Combining Grafitti with Fine Art, Ceno2 has been working the streets, homes, gallery walls and commercial buildings of Singapore for the past 10 years. He will be doing live graf art at Zouk for Midnight Shift x Zouk: Alpha on 26 Jan 2013. Read on to find out more about our visual artist in this interview.

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Artist Interview: Mislav

Mislav Bobic of the Burek record label and Singaporean event coalition, Mugic Soundsystem, waxes lyrical on the scene in Croatia, some of his favourite records, labels and his thoughts on the state of the music industry. Mislav will debut at Midnight Shift x Zouk: Alpha this 26 Jan.

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Review: Cosa Nostra - Return to Sender Part 1 & 2

Cosa Nostra proves to be the jack of all trades and nothing short of a master when it comes to house music ? a knack which is on full display in 'Return to Sender'. Part 2 will be released on Sunday, 2 Dec 2012.

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Artist Interview: Burrows

From Manchester to Singapore, Lucas Burrows has been the visual backbone for performing artists such as Kyle Hall, Jamie Woon, Kode 9, Ikonika, Robag Wurhme, Superpitcher, Octave One...just to name a few. Here, Burrows shares his top 5 music videos and more and hopefully there will be no strobe light pumping needed for this talent to get noticed. Burrows will be going back to back with Avneesh on the visual controls for Midnight Shift's 3rd Anniversary this Sat 17 Nov 2012.

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Artist Interview: Isaac Aesili

Meet Isaac Aesili, an integral member of many bands including Recloose Live, Solaa and Open Souls and deemed by Benji B to be one of the most exciting soul talents to emerge from the South Pacific. He is now part of Funkommunity (with Rachel Fraser) and Karlmarx (with brother Mark McNeill). The producer, multi-instrumentalist and DJ will be performing live alongside Singapore's Kiat this Saturday at Velvet Underground-Dance.

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Inter-Review: Kiat - The Inner Galaxy

A pioneer of not just Singapore's DnB scene but underground electronica in general, Kiat is a firm stalwart who becomes more relevant with each year. Here we break an exclusive interview and a review of his LP 'The Inner Galaxy' released in June 2012. Catch his performance with album collaborator, Isaac Aesili for Midnight Shift's 3rd Anniversary on 17 Nov 2012.

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Artist Interview: Max Lane

Part of the self-absorbed They-Create-You-Tolerate movement, Max Lane's marriage of Malay ethnic beats with a cutting-edge sensibility has made many a ear perk up. Catch Max Lane doing something out of the ordinary at Midnight Shift's 3rd Anniversary on 17 Nov 2012.

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Artist Interview: Basic Soul Unit

We're excited to have Basic Soul Unit back on our shores with a new live show for this Saturday's DMZ. Read on to find out more about his set up and what to expect.

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Artist Feature: KiNK

Strahil Velchev aka KiNK graced us with an insane live + DJ set for Midnight Shift x Zouk: Now is Found on May 18 2012. Here, his exclusive set is recorded for the 10th Midnight Shift podcast.

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Artist Interview: studioKALEIDO

Operators of 'Grapheme', an indie zine, 'Ceriph' a lit journal, plus a host of artistic exhibitions about town, studioKALEIDO is made up of Winnie Goh and Amanda Lee, our label artists present at this weekend's Now is Found.

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Artist Interview: Razil Razil Razil

With influences from ska, R&B, acid jazz, funk, rock, swing and electro to name a few, our unnamed vocalist will accompany Masterpiece in a hotly tipped debut live set on 18 May. Read on to find out what makes this enigmatic and distinctive frontman a hot favourite.

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Artist Interview: Masterpiece

Authenticity and sincerity characterise one-man band, MC, DJ and local phenomenon Masterpiece, who also organises all things funk and soul at his monthly 'Turn Up The Heat'. This Friday, we invite him for a special four on the floor-tinged appearance with a mysterious vox at the upcoming Midnight Shift. Read on for a hint of what to expect.

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Artist Interview: Eddie Niguel

Midnight Shift x Zouk 03 on Fri 18 May will unveil Eddie Niguel, a Midnight Shift label artist who has been steadily climbing the ranks with chart-topping tracks on labels such as Get Physical, Nohashi Recordings and lately, Dig Deeper. Here we interview the DJ/Producer about making music from the heart.

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Darker Than Wax : 3rd Party feat Andreas Saag

Brace yourself for this Friday 16 March 2012, where the crew from Darker Than Wax present Scandinavia's Andreas Saag at Velvet Underground with resident, Jeremy Boon. Special guests also include the one-man band extraordinaire, Hafez Masterpiece and a warm-up set by one-to-watch Marco Weibel. Read on for thoughts on where they're at. To get on the exclusive guestlist, email:

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Artist Interview: VFX

The strings of life. The mysterious VFX takes to the stage alongside djB and Brendon P for one night at Future Bound. Read on to find about this musician's influences and thoughts of the local music scene and watch out at the stroke of midnight!

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Red Bull Music Academy Info Session 2012

The annual Red Bull Music Academy (RBMA) is back and accepting applications now for New York. Find out how you can get your way there at the Info Session this evening 24 Feb at Wine Bar, Zouk from Singapore's own past participants interviewed here, plus a talk by Midnight Shift's mystery guest on the art of sampling. Email to register.

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Artist Interview: djB + Brendon P

There are few things that can beat knowledge and experience; and you can count on this veteran duo to deliver a sound education on the dancefloor. djB and Brendon P do a special reprise of their Houseysouldoingz outfit from back in the day at Future Bound on 25 Feb 2012 at their common playground, Zouk.

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Artist Interview: Kevin Lester

Let's talk about Kevin Lester. At 26, Kevin Lester is a rap artist, songwriter and producer and 1/9th of the band outfit Sixx out of the Singapura. Also known as the Lion City Boy, he has been garnering serious attention around the world and it's about time you did too. Kevin Lester will be honourable man on the mic at Midnight Shift x Zouk 02: Future Bound on Sat 25 Feb.

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Artist Interview: Avneesh + Cymbal

If you were at our 2nd Anniversary, you would have been under the spell of these guys behind the visual controls. Midnight Shift takes a break from the music to find out a little of what goes on at the other side in the minds of co-pilots and VJs, Cymbal and Avneesh.

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Inter-Review: Xhin - Sword

A postmodern fairytale adventure is exactly how Brendon P describes Xhin's critically received 3rd album, 'Sword'. Scroll down for an exclusive interview with the maker. Xhin will be performing at Midnight Shift's 2nd Anniversary tomorrow after midnight.

By | Brendon P

Artist Interview: Miss Mic + Van Detta

It is these two local songbirds who have made our scene that much brighter with their mesmerising talent. Miss Mic (Michaela Therese) and Van Detta (Vanessa Fernandez) will come together as collaborators and friends for a special performance on Midnight Shift's 2nd Anniversary this Saturday.


Artist Interview: Ming

You might have already heard his 2-hour promo mix that has been the talk of the town. Now read the mind behind it. Since moving from the UK, Ming has quickly risen the ranks as Zouk's latest resident. Known for his spontaneous and sophisticated 3-deck mixing, he's clearly one to watch.

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Artist Interview: Notion A

Introducing Notion A. Guided into music, he is the one who bangs techno with his heart. Hear this young upstart's debut at Midnight Shift on Nov 5 or preview his techno and house hybrid set below for a delectable taster.

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Artist Interview: X'Ho

There is probably not a Singaporean musician alive who has not been influenced, inspired or touched in some way by the iconic X'Ho. A revered hero among many, the radio DJ, club DJ, band member, filmmaker and author (and that's just scratching the surface) is a national treasure. Let's give it up.

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A Higher State of Party: Dave Angel (UK) at Ku De Ta

For those who like to research on what they are getting themselves into, here are a few items on a need-to-know basis:


MNS 04 Live Stream on

If you can't make tonight's party, listen to MNS 04: COLLAB streaming LIVE on from 22:00hrs onwards to catch all the action.


Artist Interview: Ulysses

"It's music for grown ups! Well, I don't like to pigeonhole myself. My musical style is pretty eclectic; I play all kinds of sounds within a 95-125bpm range. It's about connecting music from past to present."

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Music from Midnight Shift

The MNS countdown begins. Download mixes from our guests, now available on Official.FM. Listen.

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Syndicate, The Birth Of

Against a sanitized backdrop of fast food music, Syndicate was conceived over rounds of beers to reduce the growing impact of harmful beats and caveman frequencies in the accelerated world today.

By | Syndicate

Hi-Tek Soul: Kevin Saunderson & Derrick May

Event Alert: 7 May 2011 at music institution Zouk club sees the Detroit Techno pioneers going back to back on 6 decks, 2 mixers, drum machine and keyboards.


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