Artist Interview: Basic Soul Unit

We're excited to have Basic Soul Unit back on our shores with a new live show for this Saturday's DMZ. Read on to find out more about his set up and what to expect.

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Artist Feature: KiNK

Strahil Velchev aka KiNK graced us with an insane live + DJ set for Midnight Shift x Zouk: Now is Found on May 18 2012. Here, his exclusive set is recorded for the 10th Midnight Shift podcast.

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Artist Feature: Ultrademon

King of underground movement seapunk, Ultrademon aka Albert Redwine guests MNS Podcast 009 a deep, balearic and tech house roll featuring his own productions soon to be about on the Midnight Shift label.

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Artist Interview: studioKALEIDO

Operators of 'Grapheme', an indie zine, 'Ceriph' a lit journal, plus a host of artistic exhibitions about town, studioKALEIDO is made up of Winnie Goh and Amanda Lee, our label artists present at this weekend's Now is Found.

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Artist Feature: Argy

With podcast number 7 comes an exclusive interview with label artist Argy (Argyris Theofilis), who talks about his recent masterpiece, Fundamentals, as well as the art of sampling, Ibadan Records, his inspirations and being honest. Listen to his podcast for signs of a house revival in the horizon.

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Artist Feature: Basic Soul Unit

The name on many lips and in as many record stashes by now, Basic Soul Unit aka Stuart Li graces us with Podcast #006 - a very cool, soaring techno mix also featuring his track 'Late Night Shift' soon to be out on the Midnight Shift label. We are grateful to have this insightful interview from our affable Torontonian.

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Artist Feature: Terrence Parker

Midnight Shift Podcast number 5 is none other than Terrence Parker. With more than 30 years in the industry, TP or Telephone Man as he is affectionately called has made his mark as a respected label owner of Parker Music Works, producer, remixer and DJ straight out of homeland Detroit. Legendary for his turntable skills and love for music (just watch his RTS.FM mix), TP has kept the fire burning bright for us all.

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Review: Argy - Fundamentals

House club music is well and truly alive in the good hands of Greece-born and Midnight Shift label artist, Argy. Brendon P reviews his latest album on Ibadan Records, 'Fundamentals'.

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Artist Feature: Eddie Niguel

Singapore's Eddie Niguel drops the Midnight Shift Podcast #003. Winner of the Get Physical remix competition of Patrice Baumel's 'Roar' in 2008, Eddie (also known under his production moniker Edel) has since been working his way slowly but surely to the forefront of where we are at today. Check his intense mix combusting into sheer techno flames to hear what we're talking about.

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Artist Feature: Quell

Greece-born and Berlin-based Quell is well and truly at the tipping point. If you have not heard of him, you are just in time. Midnight Shift caught up with the humbly talented artist in Berlin for this interview.

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Artist Feature: Fran Hartnett

Fran Hartnett is possibly one of Dublin's best-kept secrets. Frequently featured in Surgeon's mixes, including Fabric 53, Fran's work is white hot. Here, he lays down an exclusive mix featuring his own jams plus the track 'Mutant Substance' soon to be released on the Midnight Shift album.

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Artist Feature: Norman Chung

Fellow self-proclaimed house/techno fans, fret not if you're now feeling equally embarrassed for having missed out on such homegrown talent - we'll help you atone with this introduction to possibly one of Singapore's best-kept secrets.

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Ibadan Label Feature on Slices Issue 4-10

Watch a feature of Midnight Shift's Principal, Ibadan Records on Slices, the free DVD Magazine.


The news is out

Welcome to the new MNS website, which too heralds a few new awakenings for Midnight Shift.

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