Dec 2013

Festive Freebie Roundup

This festive season saw a bunch of giveaways from the music world. Here's a winning 12 that caught our eye.

By | Editor

Review: Raudive - A System of Objects

Probably because of Oliver Ho's tendency to weld mischief into the fray and open my mind even further to the fact that intelligent, experimental electronic musicianship like this still continues to exist and turn the pages of the industry like a book that you just can't put down.

By | BP

Review: Conforce - Kinetic Image

Bunnik is proof of that same resourcefulness and imagination, delivering an album that is abstract yet alchemistic; light and subtle, yet deep and intricately put together all at the same time.

By | Una Sangard

Review: Emptyset - Recur

It takes a discerning ear to appreciate Emptyset's latest production but if you can, you will be gradually, unknowingly, elevated to a cataleptic order. This album skillfully toes the line between being artfully abrasive and discordantly mechanical.

By | TT

Review: Egyptrixx - A/B Til Infinity

The songs don?t appear to be driven by musical ideas, but instead by a smart combination of stylistic elements. This, ironically, is what is so attractive about the proposition of "A/B Til Infinity."

By | Josh

Subaltern Soundbites

A cream of the crop picking. Subaltern Soundbites returns with 3 quality LPs from Tom Trago, Daniel Avery and Axel Boman.

By | The Dash

Midnight Shift
A remix album of Singapore band The Observatory's 'The Catacombs' is comin your way. Behind These Eyes features...
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Midnight Shift
RT @Eddie_Niguel: On rotation here at the blue room - Simon Hinter - Leave <3
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Midnight Shift
#musicmonday Aboard the starship enterprise - coming our way soon Kirk Degiorgio.
11:07 AM Apr 14 via Facebook

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