Nov 2011


Keeping the JUICEs flowing this November are Keep Shelly in Athens, Vril, Darkside (a Nicolas Jaar project), Andy Stott and Washed Out. Plug into these selections now.


Review: Elektro Guzzi - Parquet

Parquet is an energetic step up from Elektro Guzzi's self-titled debut album in 2010, and an unconventional and fresh piece of work that deserves a thorough listen, for all techno - and even post-rock - fans.

By | SSS

Review: The Magic 3

There seems to have been a spate of great mixes lately. Here are another 3 to add to the bag, courtesy of veterans: Karizma, The Black Dog and Scuba.

By | The Dash

Review: Martyn - Ghost People

Label owner of 3024, Martyn steps away from dubstep to evoke the 'old Paradise Garage DJ life' with his latest album 'Ghost People' on Brainfeeder. An SSS review debut.

By | SSS

Artist Interview: Avneesh + Cymbal

If you were at our 2nd Anniversary, you would have been under the spell of these guys behind the visual controls. Midnight Shift takes a break from the music to find out a little of what goes on at the other side in the minds of co-pilots and VJs, Cymbal and Avneesh.

By | Editor

Inter-Review: Xhin - Sword

A postmodern fairytale adventure is exactly how Brendon P describes Xhin's critically received 3rd album, 'Sword'. Scroll down for an exclusive interview with the maker. Xhin will be performing at Midnight Shift's 2nd Anniversary tomorrow after midnight.

By | Brendon P

Artist Interview: Miss Mic + Van Detta

It is these two local songbirds who have made our scene that much brighter with their mesmerising talent. Miss Mic (Michaela Therese) and Van Detta (Vanessa Fernandez) will come together as collaborators and friends for a special performance on Midnight Shift's 2nd Anniversary this Saturday.


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A remix album of Singapore band The Observatory's 'The Catacombs' is comin your way. Behind These Eyes features...
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#musicmonday Aboard the starship enterprise - coming our way soon Kirk Degiorgio.
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