Oct 2013

Review: Deetron - Music Over Matter

Techno purists aren't going to love this album and neither are the hipsters, but hey, hipsters are the exact same bunch that thought that Stacey Pullen was a woman. Nevertheless, I love this album - for every ounce of diversity and soul that it comes with, and will be probably be playing it A LOT in the months to come.

By | BP

Artist Interview: William J

William J's forward thinking selection, quick mixing, versatility, and strong knowledge of dance music history has been bubbling up in the Singapore underground. Catch him representing his Darker Than Wax label stable this Saturday before KiNK.

By | Editor

Review: Kwes. - ilp

Kwes proves that you can speak loudly by being quiet. This doesn't mean that he only shines against the vulgarity of the Miley Moment, however. His world of colour feels like an expanded view that is just beginning to come into focus.

By | Josh

Artist Interview: B

The B boys come out to play. Holding parties since 2006 under various guises, they come together with Midnight Shift for a series of techno excursions from the left, right and centre.

By | Editor

Review: Laurel Halo - Chance of Rain

'Chance of Rain' is rich in ambivalent impulses that come together in a thrilling tension to inspire a sense of dialogue and movement.

By | TT

Artist Interview: Zul Andra

Local scene-star Zul Andra writes, promotes, organises, DJs, and now will hold his own behind the mic for B x Midnight Shift 001 this Saturday at kyo. Let's hear it for the one-man flag-bearer and friend of everything electronic music in Singapore.

By | Editor

Review: Four Tet - Beautiful Rewind

Whether one views him as a trend jumper, or Johnny-come-lately artist, or simply a musical genius, make no mistake, there's always a point when you'll come to a greater appreciation and understanding of where you need to be at any given point in time.

By | BP

Review: Marcel Dettmann - Dettmann II

'Dettmann II', the Berghain minimal magician's sophomore album released on Berghain label Ostgut Ton, is a subtle step up from his debut effort ('Dettmann'), this time containing more well-rounded offerings and more spacious sound design, along with your usual dancefloor-oriented loop techno.

By | Una Sangard

Review: Darkside - Psychic

It's space-rock, for sure. But inner space. Jaar manages to conjure an expansive emotional landscape within an inward and rather constrained palette of sound. 'Psychic' is a microcosmos, a galaxy of infinitely small gestures. And at this tiny scale, every move feels important.

By | Josh

Subaltern Soundbites

A mixbag pick of 3 new LPs from Kirk Degiorgio to Huerco S. and Senking create this edition of Subaltern Soundbites.

By | The Dash

Review: Moderat - II

In a time when it's anyone's guess as to what form the next revival or sound might take, Moderat offers us a possibility that most would be able to derive much from. Sonically traversing the various eras, the trio have stitched together a record that celebrates the tension between underground credos and popular sensibilities.

By | Nick Chan

Midnight Shift
2 hours of on-the-spot quality from KaSpar. Full tracklist and interview from this RBMA grad for the Midnight... http://t.co/XAlL3n17Fm
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Midnight Shift
RT @BungleBeats: House Music: TERRENCE, Parker/SIMON HINTER - It Hurts (Midnight Shift France) 12 http://t.co/SVuWgZhocg
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Midnight Shift
New podcast from Siegen's Simon Hinter, who has just released on 'Shift 004' with Philogresz and TERRENCE PARKER... http://t.co/e23Uf384KD
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