Jun 2012

Artist Feature: KiNK

Strahil Velchev aka KiNK graced us with an insane live + DJ set for Midnight Shift x Zouk: Now is Found on May 18 2012. Here, his exclusive set is recorded for the 10th Midnight Shift podcast.

By | Editor

Review: Ame - Ame Live

Take it for what it is, 'Ame Live' is exactly what it says on the tin.

By | The Dash

Review: Nic Fancuilli - Balance 021

Another quality release from the mind and heart of another great DJ and producer, that, undoubtedly, in more discerning circles, will sound just as fresh if whipped out and played in 5 years to come. Brendon P reviews Balance 021: Nic Fancuilli.

By | Brendon P

Review: Jin Choi - A Thousand Whales of Love

If music is your refuge, take cover with Jin Choi's debut 'A Thousand Whales of Love' LP now out on Private Gold.

By | SSS

Review: Naz - Angkara EP

A ruthless melange of dub, breaks and bass from homeboy Naz and his 'Angkara EP' now out on Qilin music.

By | Bobby

Midnight Shift
A remix album of Singapore band The Observatory's 'The Catacombs' is comin your way. Behind These Eyes features... http://t.co/5dFjqVQBFi
12:50 PM Apr 15 via Facebook

Midnight Shift
RT @Eddie_Niguel: On rotation here at the blue room - Simon Hinter - Leave <3 http://t.co/4TEthenhIj http://t.co/3FyFzTnyxD
06:48 PM Apr 14 via Twitter for iPhone

Midnight Shift
#musicmonday Aboard the starship enterprise - coming our way soon Kirk Degiorgio. http://t.co/orQUNvM0Sz
11:07 AM Apr 14 via Facebook

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