May 2013

Review: Ultrademon - Seapunk

Emotive, self-referential, fun and undeniably talented, this album should not be cast away. Outwardly colorful packaging and distractive sideshows aside, careful listening and deeper digging reveal a sensitive artist wanting to be heard and make a difference.

By | The Dash

Review: Oliver Deutschmann - Out of the Dark

For what it's worth, this album is an excellent showcase of Oliver's deep repertoire and what Vidab as a label has to offer. It has its hits and misses but fans shouldn't be disappointed. Also 'Out of the Dark - Remixes' is out now featuring three of my more favored tracks on the album. Check it out.

By | Russell Lick

Midnight Shift
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Midnight Shift
RT @ultrademon: old remixes / stuff as "fire for effect" / a couple of unreleased -
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Midnight Shift
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