Apr 2012

Review: Shifted - Crossed Paths

Shifted's 'Crossed Paths' forsakes modern-day Techno's commonplace requirement for 'forward-thinkingness', and gifts us instead with a slab of beauty/archaeology, rehashed and brought to bear by a veritable craftsman of antiquity.

By | Justin

Review: Iron Curtis - Soft Wide Waist Band

"The musical arrangement and production on this is second to none and if this is anything to go by, a blueprint for other house producers to start re-building upon." Brendon P reviews Iron Curtis's debut LP entitled 'Soft Wide Waist Band', to be released on Mirau on 21 May.

By | Brendon P

Review: Claro Intelecto - Reform Club

Claro Intelecto is back with his third full-length album, Reform Club on Delsin Records. This is unflappable dance music; cool and composed as you like, yet heartfelt and tender inside.

By | Justin

The JUICE Playlist: APRIL

A mixbag of tunes from the selectors over at JUICE this April with one common sense: quality. Enjoy.


Review: Vince Watson - Every Soul Needs A Guide

Thoughtfully deep and diverse, Vince Watson's 7th album, 'Every Soul Needs A Guide' shows the veteran producer's lighter, nu-jazz side.

By | SSS

Review: Ital - Hive Mind

Creative producer alert. Ital showcases his varied influences in shoegaze and noise with his album 'Hive Mind', which is used to dialogue effectively against house foundations in this post-genre world.

By | The Dash

Review: Pocket Magik - This Is The Place -

'This Is The Place' by Singaporean duo Pocket Magik is the dreamy product of a musical exploration born out of love and dedication for music, and pure hard work. Read on for an interview with the musical pair.

By | SSS

Midnight Shift
A remix album of Singapore band The Observatory's 'The Catacombs' is comin your way. Behind These Eyes features... http://t.co/5dFjqVQBFi
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Midnight Shift
RT @Eddie_Niguel: On rotation here at the blue room - Simon Hinter - Leave <3 http://t.co/4TEthenhIj http://t.co/3FyFzTnyxD
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Midnight Shift
#musicmonday Aboard the starship enterprise - coming our way soon Kirk Degiorgio. http://t.co/orQUNvM0Sz
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