Feb 2013

Review: Trus'me - Treat Me Right

With such a cinematic, curtain-rising ending to 'Treat Me Right', one feels as if one has been told a love story through Wolstencroft's music playing by the album's end. It might be the producer's most techno-sounding album to date but in any case, his remixers of late would have already indicated the artist's growth in that direction.

By | The Dash

Review: Nosaj Thing - Home LP

While it won't be surprising that this album might have mixed reviews, it's quite certain that longevity is to be found in change for Nosaj Thing...it does leave one wondering whether it would have made a difference if 'Home' was someone else's debut effort instead?

By | Nick Chan

Review: Legowelt - The Paranormal Soul

Channelling otherworldly 'cosmic intuition', Legowelt expertly conjures up some very sweet vintage synth sounds with his collection of analog equipment. Not to be dismissed as a mere exercise in nostalgia - there are nods to early techno, house, acid and rave (or as Legowelt puts it, "90's weird English stuff from all over the place") - the end product is decidedly modern.

By | Una Sangard

Review: Jose James - No Beginning No End

In pursuing this creative experiment of fusing jazz together with soul and hip hop, the album unfolds in exceptional glory, seductive and romantic. It straddles between the contemporary and conventional, where music is injected with a fresh perspective without straying from the catalyst of traditional influences.

By | Bobby

Review: Kris Wadsworth - Life and Death

'Life and Death' is an honest, entertaining piece of work put together by a man who knows exactly what he stands for. And when it comes to Kris Wadsworth, that's nothing short of impressive.

By | SC

Midnight Shift
2 hours of on-the-spot quality from KaSpar. Full tracklist and interview from this RBMA grad for the Midnight... http://t.co/XAlL3n17Fm
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Midnight Shift
RT @BungleBeats: House Music: TERRENCE, Parker/SIMON HINTER - It Hurts (Midnight Shift France) 12 http://t.co/SVuWgZhocg
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Midnight Shift
New podcast from Siegen's Simon Hinter, who has just released on 'Shift 004' with Philogresz and TERRENCE PARKER... http://t.co/e23Uf384KD
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