Jan 2014

January Music Freebie Roundup

Every month, we trawl the Interwebs for the best of free music downloads given out by the generous spirit of quality producers. Please support the artists if you enjoy. Here's 10 for Jan.

By | Editor

Review: Shifted - Under a Single Banner

This will be the perfect dance track for serious technophiles. The last two tracks, 'Story of Aurea' and 'Wash Over Me', do precisely that and draw us back to sand at the edge of the sea to draw new faces, only to wash them away as Shifted's waves wash over me. This techno is truly great.

By | Ivan Ligne-Noire

Review: C.Spencer Yeh, Okkyung Lee, Lasse Marhaug - Wake Up Awesome

Elegant bits of string performance mix with studio chop-and-screw, funny mouth noises, cello farts, and dusty samples. It has no coherence as an artistic product, except what it is not?the album is an exercise in negativity, in showing what its creators are trying to avoid.

By | Josh

Midnight Shift
A remix album of Singapore band The Observatory's 'The Catacombs' is comin your way. Behind These Eyes features... http://t.co/5dFjqVQBFi
12:50 PM Apr 15 via Facebook

Midnight Shift
RT @Eddie_Niguel: On rotation here at the blue room - Simon Hinter - Leave <3 http://t.co/4TEthenhIj http://t.co/3FyFzTnyxD
06:48 PM Apr 14 via Twitter for iPhone

Midnight Shift
#musicmonday Aboard the starship enterprise - coming our way soon Kirk Degiorgio. http://t.co/orQUNvM0Sz
11:07 AM Apr 14 via Facebook

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