And the votes are in. May's standouts are: Guido, Pastel Lite, Mosca, Lemonade and Dave Aju as handpicked by JUICE campmate, Hidzir Junaini in this month's playlist.

Guido – Afrika

What’s the buzz:
Guido just launched his own personal little label called State Of Joy and its second release has us, well, in a state of joy.

Sounds like: This is the B-side off his Flow 12” and it’s a spacious, pared-down mood piece heightened by delightful keyboards and subtle synths. A genuine delight.

Prediction: He may be one of the key purveyors of Bristol’s unique R&B take on dubstep but that doesn’t mean he can’t switch things up. Look for continued progression from one of purple’s best players.

Pastel Lite – Assassin (Dizkopolis remix)

What’s the buzz: The JUICE KL crew seems pretty high on fresh-faced electro-pop duo Pastel Lite, and we can see why. Here’s a sweet remix of Assassin from another talented KL duo called Dizkopolis.

Sounds like: Dizkopolis inject a little nu-disco heaven into an already brilliant retro ditty. We adore how lead singer’s Eff Hakim’s voice is coated with extra lushness in this version.

Prediction: Keep a lookout for both these Malaysian duos, folks. In fact, Pastel Lite will be dropping by for Baybeats 2012 next month (1 July, Chillout Stage, 7pm) and we predict fun times for all!

Mosca – Eva Mendes

What’s the buzz:
We’ve been singing Mosca’s praises since Bax and his new EP sees the hyper-modern producer team-up with Hypercolour.
Sounds like: Mosca may have sprung from 2-step and garage leanings but Eva Mendes sees the man finally diving head-first into house – and the title track is just as sexy as its namesake.

Prediction: This is just one song in an EP chock-full of diverse and surprising brilliance that can glide from propulsive to patient oh-so smoothly. You’ll have a ball listening to it all.

Lemonade – Neptune (Sinjin Hawke remix)

What’s the buzz: Brooklyn avant-indie-pop trio Lemonade are quickly bubbling up and they’ve just commissioned a series of remixes on Neptune for white-label vinyl release.

Sounds like: This particular single is helmed by Sinjin Hawke, and what can we say, the dude has killed it again! Its 808 hip hop beats and colourful swirls leave us feeling lively.

Prediction: Sinjin Hawke’s already well-known but look for his Midas touch to shepherd more peeps onto Lemonade’s underappreciated Diver LP.

Dave Aju – Rise

What’s the buzz: Tech house minimalist Dave Aju (Marc Barrite) always planned to collaborate with his late father, a recognized Bay Area jazz trumpeter. Although that partnership never materialized, his Heirlooms LP is Barrite’s way of paying loving tribute to a paternal and musical inspiration.

Sounds like: Barrite has taken his dad’s propensity for free jazz and recontextualized it into his freewheeling 4x4 vision - and Rise is its spiritual and soulful opening number.

Prediction: Dave Aju’s always complex and abstract but what’s formerly intrigued us intellectually has now found an emotional underpinning here. Boundaries will be pushed and heart strings will be tugged.

Words: Hidzir Junaini for JUICE

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