With influences from ska, R&B, acid jazz, funk, rock, swing and electro to name a few, our unnamed vocalist will accompany Masterpiece in a hotly tipped debut live set on 18 May. Read on to find out what makes this enigmatic and distinctive frontman a hot favourite.

Tell us a bit of your musical background.
I'm a huge fan of groove-based music! I was in a Ska band before as a bassist because I wasn't allowed to touch the mic(!) and then I progressed to sing in an Urban-soul/R&B outfit called VelvetGroove from 2003-2007. Soon, I was immersed with Acid Jazz and Funk courtesy of my short spell with IndigoMode, an obscure cover band which almost exclusively tributes Jamiroquai, Stevie Wonder and Prince. In 2009, I channelled my flavours and fused it with a little rock with Catalogue V. So yeah, I'm quite a genre rojak!
How did you get started?
I've always had a semi-intrinsic relationship with music since those lullabies my mom would sing to me when I was young. So when I turned 13, I discovered that being on the mic feels so much like home! Soon, I was hungry to extend my senses and point of views through music. That is when I first started to write my own songs. Everything else just picked up from there. 
Tell us more about your band.
Catalogue V is an all-originals Skitzo Rock band. We write tunes that fuse rock, funk, swing, electro, bossanova and hip hop. We won the Yamaha Asian Beats (Singapore) competition in 2011 and had a ball representing Singapore at the grand finals in Seoul, Korea late last year!

Describe your performance style.
I'm often described as "that enigmatic frontman of Catalogue V" and some kinder critics insist that I'm charismatic and flamboyant. It is flattering how people describe me although I admit that it's a tall order! I really don't quite know how to describe myself so I'm sharing what people said.
Name us some of your influences.
Okay I'll try to summarize hahaha...Hmm...definitely Jamiroquai, Mark Ronson, Ritchie Valens, Stevie Wonder, Eric Benet and Amy Winehouse.
What can we expect of your gig with Masterpiece on May 18?
Nothing less than honest grooves with back-stories with pretty much an emphasis on 'feels' and vibes. You know that stuff from Masterpiece is never for the faint-witted or hearted!
Do you get critics and how do you deal with that?
I'm sure everybody does but my stand is that music or any form of artistry is basically putting your craft on the line. I embrace criticism because I depend on them to fuel me further.
What is the most important thing for a performer?
Sincerity, belief, identity and respect towards music. A lot of performers would tell you the same but hey, it really boils down to all of those!
Any new work upcoming for the year?
Catalogue V has a lot in store in 2012 and I am also in talks with many promising Singaporean artists for collaborations. I hope everything goes as planned.
Favourite album everyone should hear about?
Woah I'm really at wits end with this one! I'm more of a 'singles' person you see...Hmmm...I'm sure everyone knows about Mark Ronson and The Business Intl already?
Biggest misconception about you.
Easy. The biggest misconception is that people often think that I'm either arrogant or socially selective. Haha! Well, I'm quite reserved off stage so I can imagine that being perceived as arrogance. In fact, I am sure that most artists get the same misconception. I don't think I'm socially selective either. I'm just an i guess i'm prone to relapses!

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