Formerly available only on casette, all-instrumental 'Motor City' by Sand Circles on the Not Not Fun label gets the 2012 digital release.

In a time where everyone is fighting to be heard and understood, Sand Circles goes straight to the essence of modern life without using a single word. Originally released in cassette tape form (150 copies) and now in digital form, Motor City is a fearless work that defies expectations, harnessing the power of sound to convey layers of imagery and emotion that are strikingly relevant, with an arrangement of soundscapes emblematic of urban city life and awash with the deep, ambling beauty of the after hours. 

Siren synths traverse a harsh, industrial landscape. These 11 tracks are enveloped by a dream sensation, yet conjure a sense of familiarity and knowing – you can easily visualise the passing scenes whizzing past the window of a moving vehicle in ‘Innercity Haze’, detect a certain hopefulness pulsing within the uncertainty of stepping into foreign territory in ‘Motor City’, and admire the quiet, pure and emotive beauty of ‘Distant Lights’.

‘Endless Nights’ is all pain and pleasure, with its stammering melancholic beats that perfectly punctuate slowly soaring synths, soaking in all the sensations of cold night air. 

Perfect for late nights, whether you’re on a solitary nightdrive or up on a roof, Motor City is a dip into your consciousness that you cannot simply dismiss, casting a haze of emotive, industrial sound that reels you in and tugs at your imagination. Simply stellar. 

01.Entering Motor City
02.White Sand
03.Motor City
04.Downtown Holdup
05.Innercity Haze
06.Distant Lights
07.Endless Nights
08.Motor City II 
09.Descending Into Space
10.Summer Echoes
11.Summer Echoes II 


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