After something of a hiatus, Manchester's Claro Intelecto is back to release his third full-length album, Reform Club, on Delsin Records.

The album's heavy debt to Basic Channel's foundational dub techno legacy necessarily stakes out what cultural intellect Kodwo Eshun calls a "world of echo", where the ear perpetually chases the beat as it morphs into resonating tails of sound.

Indeed, Intelecto's steady, stripped-down grooves, doused in near-aquatic reverb and distortion, have always required some attentive following - but take that first step and be rewarded with richly, artfully crafted sonics adrift. It’s a task made simpler by his protracted sprinkling of lush pads, melodies and cinematic elements, adding emotional charge to the effect of possibly his most warm and organic musical suite to date. 

This is beauty of the downcast sort, teasing forth the immanent pathos of fellow Mancunians Autechre, 90s UK techno, and the continuum of first wave to post-Detroit techno presently championed by parent label Delsin Records. Clearly informed and influenced by the timeless output of these music scenes, Reform Club is an elegantly polished longplayer, braced with compositions of both unity and authority. This is unflappable dance music; cool and composed as you like, yet heartfelt and tender inside. Like that dream lover, this is worth chasing after.

01. Reformed 
02. Blind Side 
03. Still Here 
04. It's Getting Late 
05. Scriptease 
06. Control 
07. Second Blood 
08. Night Of The Maniac 
09. Quiet Life


Available as 2xLP, limited 2xLP+10", CD and digital. Released 16 April 2012. Thank you to Delsin Records for this special preview.

By | Justin
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