A mixbag of tunes from the selectors over at JUICE this April with one common sense: quality. Enjoy.

B. Traits - Fever

What’s the buzz: The ever-adorable B. Traits taps club vocal legend Elisabeth Troy for a throwback track that’s brimming with joy.

Sounds like: 1993. It’s an early ‘90s UK garage love letter that perfectly combines the new school with nostalgia.

Prediction: Guaranteed to bring back memories of acid house’s heyday. And if that’s before your time, well hell, it’ll still make you smile uncontrollably.

Nina Kraviz – Ghetto Kraviz

What’s the buzz: This Siberian DJ/producer has been turning heads for every conceivable reason lately. She’s gorgeous, adores vinyl and has a super-deep, super-amazing debut album out, what’s not to love?

Sounds like: Ghetto Kraviz pops like crazy! Its idiosyncratic take on 4x4 is as gritty as it is flirtatious. 

Prediction: Nina’s vocal and production style is understated, breathless and vigorous. Which leads us to wonder if we’ve found deep house’s answer to dubstep’s Emika.

Star Slinger – Bad Bitches

What’s the buzz: Sample savant Star Slinger reunites Stunnaman and Lil B for a mini Pack reunion on his latest cut Bad Bitches. And best of all – its free!

Sounds like: A stuttering, up-tempo and percussive whirl of beats that brings out the best flows from his Bay Area guests.

Prediction: If you dig this (you will), you’ll have loads of fun at Star Slinger’s Home Club gig on 25 April.

Naz – Shadow’s Monologue

What’s the buzz: Local electronica producer Nazeer Hussain has been getting lots of love for his utterly massive Qilin-backed Angkara EP, and we’d like to chime in.

Sounds like: This track closes the record, and it represents all we love about it - a tribal take on 140BPM with undeniable Eastern influence.

Prediction: “The greatest intellect in the word can be silenced with this.” It’s so good you’ll be speechless.

Helix – Drum Track

What’s the buzz: When you talk about Night Slugs’ White Label, you only speak of quality. And they keep the streak rolling with another huge tune by Helix.

Sounds like: Grime meets Berlin techno. A straight-up pummeling of drums, staccato rims, kicks and hats and it just sounds immense.

Prediction: Another winner for Night Slugs! At this rate, they’ll be our favouritest label on planet before long.

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