Vince Watson’s latest album, Every Soul Needs A Guide, is a soundtrack for productivity – it’s easy on the ears, skillfully unfolds in a perfect sequence, and as the album art aptly suggests, immerses the atoms of your being in beautifully atmospheric sound.

Boasting a 17-year-strong career, Vince Watson has over 110 releases under his belt, and is best known as one of techno’s leading producers. Every Soul Needs A Guide is his seventh album, and it is a sublime listen – a feel-good variation of ambient, jazzy beats, and energetic, dancefloor-friendly grooves. Evident of Vince’s seemingly endless energy and versatility when it comes to making music, the album delivers a clean, pretty much flawless sound that works both for home listening as well as in a club setting.

Coming 5 years after Vince’s last album, Every Soul Needs A Guide features an entirely fresh flavour, layering various musical influences such as classical piano and ambient sound, with broken beat and electronica.

Opening track, ‘Found What I’m Looking For’, kicks off in a dramatic fashion with its lush, classical quality, running along a jazzy tempo.

It drenches you in cinematic ambience, before the curtains part for the shuffling, instrumental groove that is ‘Come With Me’.

The album may not feature Vince’s typically darker techno sounds, but it nonetheless impresses with deep complexity. After the optimistic sounds of the first two tracks, the mood dips into the deeper end with ‘Never Too Late’, a sombre, jazzy piano track, before you come back up for air with ‘Every Soul Needs A Guide (Album Mix)’, and ‘Voodoo Disco (Latin Mix)’. 

‘Fly Like A Bird’ is a playful, modern take on nu-jazz, with its lively rhythm and refreshing melody.

Every Soul Needs A Guide is a masterful fusion of soulful house, jazz, broken-beat and electronica influences, informed by Vince’s rhythmic grounding in techno. It’s a demonstration of Vince’s brilliant sense of control in producing such a timeless piece of work, perhaps staying a little safe, but certainly not under-delivering either. 

Vince is set to release another album, ‘Serene’, in summer later this year – going by the title, I’m looking forward to a bevy of groovy tracks that are just as thoughtfully deep, and diverse.

01. Found What I’m Looking For
02. Come With Me
03. Never Too Late
04. Every Soul Needs A Guide (Album Mix)
05. Voodoo Disco (Latin Mix)
06. A Fairytale
07. Love In F Minor (2012 Album Mix)
08. When Souls Collide
09. Fly Like A Bird
10. Reach For The Sun
11. The Journey


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