This Is The Place by Singaporean duo Pocket Magik is the dreamy product of a musical exploration born out of love and dedication for music, and pure hard work. Read on for an interview with the musical pair.

Always hold a ready salute for those willing to take passion further, to create something of their own - and that’s exactly what Pocket Magik is about. This Is The Place, a recently released debut by Kurt and Melvin - a music-making duo based in Singapore – is anything but shaky, and forges ahead with a sound that continues to evolve as they go along.

The album is a heartfelt effort by the two, who have been hard at work in their bedroom studios (and elsewhere) for years now. It’s the dreamy product of a musical exploration born out of love and dedication for music, and pure hard work.

The 10-track album stirs the senses, and enchants with its downtempo, experimental electronica that is light, optimistic, and emblematic of the sheer passion these guys have for music. Flanked by cosmic-themed art direction by Alvin Tan of Phunk Studio for the album cover, and armed with the purest of music-making intentions; to “always operate out of passion”, these magic-makers are most certainly a welcome addition to the scene.

Why 'Pocket Magik'? 

Melvin: Pocket Magik was derived because we are two very different individuals with two very different walks of life coming together to create music that we both enjoy.

The output of the creation was something that we both unanimously thought was magical and awesome and we thought Pocket Magik was rather appropriate name for our band as it symbolizes the beauty of creating something magical from literally nothing at all. As if magic were coming out from our pockets when we meet and create!

How long did it take to complete This Is The Place? 

Melvin: This Is The Place took us about a year and the half to complete. It took this long because we wanted this to be something that would be able to appreciate for a long period of time. There were many other stuff that we created that we have not release because of this...

Who or what are some things you couldn't have made this album without? Could you share some memorable points from the experience? 

Melvin: I wouldn't be able to create this without the encouragement of my partner Kurt who believed in my musicality since the day we have met. Also the support of my friends who believed in us, namely Mr Case Woo who have dedicated his expertise in mastering our tracks and Alvin Tan of Phunk Studios who have helped us out with our art directions...

Also I would love to thank my family and close friends for being such a huge support to us making this happen!

How would you sum up Pocket Magik's sound? Were there any changes in direction whilst making the album? 

Melvin: Pocket Magik to me is a journey that We both have taken at some point in our lives where we experienced the hardships, the joy, the conflicts that we all have experience at some point or another.. It is also a reminder for us to believe in our passion and to always have faith in what we believe in.

With regard to changes in direction, we have always produced our music based on our current emotional state at the given time of production and we are not limited by any specific genres of music.

Ultimately, we would aspire to create good sounds that inspires people and I believe that is our only direction so far :)

Share 1 track that really speaks to you guys and tell us why.

Melvin: For me, "Cloudy" would be the track that I would like everyone to hear because it is an easy listening track that would capture the audience attention. We have written this track based on the inspiration of having hope in what we believed in and no matter how much hardship one has been though, it is always important to believe in what you love and to make your dreams a reality.

Kurt: Well, I would recommend "Cologne" because the tune is beautifully written and it is the perfect tune for a slow night drive.

What happenings in the music world are you looking forward to this year?

Kurt: Well, we are looking forward to collaborate with more artists. We would like to get involved as much as possible, not just strictly on music matters. If possible, we would like to see ourselves to be involved in film, commercial or any other creative projects.

This Is The Place was officially released on March 28 2012, under the Rawjak label. Preview and buy the album at 

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