JUICE mag swings its heavyweight over to recommend a smattering of new local releases out of Singapore. Welcome to the sunny island, where a new moon is arising, out of the stormy sea.

Iueke – Tapes

What’s the buzz: Gwen Jamois recorded this mindboggling stretch of techno in a London reggae studio back in 1991. And here it is 21 years later, finally seeing the light of day.

Sounds like: Unearthed from a pile of dusty cassettes, this curiously inscrutable analog freak exists in a stylistic vacuum and it’s astounding. When even Aphex Twin is perplexed, you know it’s something special.

Prediction: We’ve never heard anything like this before, and probably never will again. Well, unless Iueke decides to release more ancient artifacts from his treasure trove.

Need For Mirrors & Kiat – Badfellaz

What’s the buzz:
Piping hot drum & bass duo (Joe Moses & Emilio Dimitri) join forces with Syndicate-head Kiat and the results are massive.

Sounds like: Moody, futuristic and an absolute killer. It’s aptly named and aptly reps the craftsmen behind it.

Prediction: People (us at least) are gonna wanna hear more from this interesting team-up so we certainly hope that this isn’t a one-off.

Pocket Magik – Cloudy

What’s the buzz: Kurt (Clash the Disco Kids) and Melvin (Betaphats) have unprotected studio bromance and out came a pocketful full of magic.

Sounds like: A hazy, nostalgic daydream. 

Prediction: Cloudy is just one of many gems in Pocket Magik’s debut record, This Is The Place, and the release will undoubtedly impress.

Pearson Sound - Untitled

What’s the buzz: David Kennedy aka Ramadanman aka Pearson Sound first dropped this surprise on the Boiler Room and we’re happy to see that it has a proper release now.

Sounds like: Not much thought went into the name but the same can’t be said for the song. It’s a monochrome masterpiece filled with detached vocals, vintage drum machines and plenty of sub bass.

Prediction: People will love this but lots of folks are gonna be annoyed that it’s equally lovely B-side, Footloose, only comes in 12” wax form.

Diphasic – In Cold Blood

What’s the buzz:
Local drum & bass producer Diphasic has been on our radar for a while and we couldn’t resist checking out his awesome new solo EP titled In Cold Blood.  

Sounds like: The normally ragga-tinged Diphasic goes for a more sinister slant in this EP and this title track is one of his harder-edged highlights.

Prediction: With talent like this no wonder overseas labels like London’s Danger Chamber are clamouring for him. Diphasic’s set to make his mark.

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