Brace yourself for this Friday 16 March 2012, where the crew from Darker Than Wax present Scandinavia's Andreas Saag at Velvet Underground with resident, Jeremy Boon. Special guests also include the one-man band extraordinaire, Hafez Masterpiece and a warm-up set by one-to-watch Marco Weibel. Read on for thoughts on where they're at. To get on the exclusive guestlist, email: dean@darkerthanwax.com

Andreas Saag aka Swell Session has a musical mission to blend all genres of house, techno, jazz, soul and club music and provide it under one alias or another, whether it be soulful techno, a house remix of a big band tune or a straight-up jazz ballad, or something in between...Having done remixes from anyone from Jimpster to London Elektricity, his bootleg remixes of St. Germain's Rose Rouge and Joy Orbison's Hyph Myngo received massive responses and earned him tons of remix work for artists like Laurent Garnier, Portformat and labels such as PIAS and Local Talk.

12 - 12 30 : KAYE "LIVE" (DARKER THAN WAX)
1 30 - 3 : ANDREAS SAAG (SWE)


Watch out for what is touted to be Darker Than Wax's secret weapon, Mweibel, who will be debuting in Velvet with his signature slo-mo beat set to warm up the floor.

Tell us about your roots and inspirations.
I listened to all sorts of music while growing up, but i'd have to say there was always a heavy influence of soul lurking subconsciously around me. I never fully embraced it till in my later teenage years though. My older sister is huge on jazz/soul/hiphop and my dad is very big on funk/soul. That sorta thing was always being played around the house. Soul was always an element in the melodies I grew up listening to.

When i started getting into electronic music, it was a good friend of mine that put me on to deep house. Concurrently around the same time, my dad passed me his old vinyl collection. He had stuff like The Four Tops, Crown Heights Affair, Ike n Tina, George Benson etc… I fell in love with the sound, and from then on, have been collecting and dabbling in the likes of music that is soulful, deep, funky and black!

How would you describe your personal sound?
I'm still exploring, there's way too much good music out there to stop evolving. But, I would say right now, i've been into the downtempo jazzy hip hop instrumentals, could cue up track after track and play that all day long!

What's the secret weapon's top 3 secret weapons?
Haha i really don't know how to answer this question:

Give us a weblink?
Personal fav, this cut always gets the party started

Darker Than Wax Page, Follow us!!


One-man band extraordinaire, Masterpiece from the Pushin'On crew will perform using Ableton Live, Launchpad, 16-pad controllers, Kaosspads and synthesizers plus of course his signature voice. Watch out for the soul! http://soundcloud.com/masterpiece

Top 5 right now?

CtlAltDel by The Mighty MIscellaneous
Seriously funky hip-hop from the Philippines. The kind that would still sound good when played 'live' with a band. Plus these guys make beats on MPC. Almost Done album out on June 15th.


Dog With A Rope / On & On (Sam Redmore Remix)
All the buzz around Erykah Badu the past few weeks started a re-dig and found this one. Works just as well early hours at a bar or late on at a club night.

Sweet Delight (Kaboom! Dub) by Woods Empire
The main groove gets me from 0:00. Subtle bassline syncopates superbly with the vocal sample on the upbeat. Winner. Could just listen to the drum beat on loop for hours.

Get Down Saturday Night (radio version) by The Wonderful Sound of Induce

A bit of 90's indulgence but great groove and songwriting. It actually has chord changes which makes it different. Refreshing after listening to alot of loop based stuff.

Cocaine In My Brain by Dillinger

Great backing rhythm and a guy spitting prose. Listen to this before listening to the re-version by Escort. 

Would you rather be making music elsewhere than here?
Nope...I would want to make music everywhere! Just being able to sit in a room and make music makes me happy. So anywhere there's a room and music making tools, I'll be fine. Maybe also some peppermint tea and a hot shower.

We've all had conversations about how the music scene elsewhere could be better. And there are many creative people leaving to look for greener grass. I guess before saying "I'm sick of this s#*%, I wanna move to *insert country name*!", it's good to ask yourself "Am I really putting in the EFFORT to MAKE music?" and "Am I working as hard as or harder than anyone out there?" If the answer's 'Yes' to both questions, then doesn't matter where you are. Keep working on your craft and the good music will come eventually.

What can we look forward to for your DTW performance?
Soul music, Kaoss pad looping and singing about life.

Give us a weblink?
Ah.... I'm horrible with weblinks. Ok watch some poetry. Like here. Brave New Voices is the evolution of Def Poetry Jam. Always nice to see a new generation of poets. Be careful, this poet's intense.


Kaye from the Cosa Nostra / Darker Than Wax camp will be up to his usual tricks, going solo this time, performing some live cuts of recently completed house numbers alongside Masterpiece to round off the LIVE segment.

Best gig so far and why?
It would have to be the Majahouse anniversary in Bandung, Indonesia in 2011. The crowd was up for anything we threw at them, and the vibe was just pure fun!

Favourite music-making instrument, gear or thing?
It would have to be the Native Instruments Maschine. It's at the core of my studio production and live performance.

Tell us something about Dean we didn't already know.
He likes playing Hello Kitty Adventure Island on his computer.

Give us a weblink?
Any weblink?? Er...here you go! http://www.brothers-brick.com/

Funk Bast*rd (Dean)

Label owner, record digger, DJ and producer, Funk Bast*rd aka Dean Chew traverses the spectrum whenever he gets to the decks. The Funk Bast*rd always has a surprise in the box. Just open them ears.

How has the label business been going? 
It's going well. We believe in growing it progressively in a comfortable pace. All our recent releases have received strong feedback and reviews, especially our Loki Laredo project, which had a small feature in the internationally acclaimed Mixmag.

Favourite hot producers of late?
Knxwledge, ManonWire, Ben Houghton, Sango, John Heckle, Alex Bayer, Rekchampa, Christoph El Truento, Handbook. Ok I will stop.

What is your music motto?
Dig, dig and dig. And engage in everything with your heart.

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