The annual Red Bull Music Academy (RBMA) is back and accepting applications now for New York. Find out how you can get your way there at the Info Session this evening 24 Feb at Wine Bar, Zouk from Singapore's own past participants interviewed here, plus a talk by Midnight Shift's mystery guest on the art of sampling.

With alumni ranging from Flying Lotus to TOKiMONSTA, Nina Kraviz to Mr Hudson and Aloe Blaac, and just  to name a few, the Red Bull Music Academy (RBMA) has become a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Not only have they unearthed and put to the forefront many of the music world's talents, the team is also behind numerous momental music collaborations and shows, such as the ArRange performance in Seattle, putting artists such as Underground Resistance, Oh No, Claire Fisher and Deodato on the same stage, to Culture Clash - facing off London's best-loved sound systems such as Goldie, Commix, Trojan System and Roots Manuva. Adding to the rich tapestry that is music, the RBMA is always one to watch.

This year, the travelling workshop hits up New York and applications are open from now till 2 April 2012. A special Info Serssion at Wine Bar, Zouk on 24 Feb 2012 will Singapore's past participants  as well as Midnight Shift's international mystery guest, who will be sharing on the highly controversial art of sampling. To register a seat, please email or view the event page for more details.

For a taster of what you can expect, we interviewed our island's past participants on their favourite moments and experience of being at the academy.

Cherry Chan (London, 2010)

Favourite lecture and why?
All the lectures were inspiring.  It's really hard to choose a favourite.  For me personally, it's a tie between Aba Shanti-i and Cluster. Aba Shanti-I was sharing about soundsystems, the whole idea of analogue sounds, the history of roots and dub, custom dials and engineering sounds. I'll never forget what he said about at the end of the day you can have the best song or sounds but you'll need a good mix or it won't quite work and his approach to music is so spiritual. For Cluster,  they are like this German experimental group who has influenced the development of contemporary electronic and ambient music, from start to end, they were pushing the avant-garde front for so long all the way from the early 70s to 2010. I want to be like them when I grow old, pushing and sharing. 

A distinctive RBMA moment?
It's not really about a distinctive moment for me but the beautiful friendships made at RBMA, the pure musical energy and passionate spirit of everyone. It's super infectious and inspiring, I felt like being engulfed in an magical heavenly orb.

Message to the family?
This is my message --------->>    \(^_^)/    you!!!
P/S : London Term 2 - I have the photos of all you nutters' exploding faces, yes including Todd's. 

Darren Ng (Barcelona, 2008)

Favourite lecture and why?
Mine would have to be Christian Fennesz. He's one of my music heroes and it was a pleasure and honour to meet him in person and to experience the musical journey he shared. It doesn't happen everyday.

A distinctive RBMA moment?
I think I have two takes on this question. First, I think it would be the overwhelming feeling of being present with a group of very talented and creative musicians. To peek into how they make music (in their distinctive genres) really opened up my eyes to more possibilities in my own works. Second would have to be playing at Sonar 2009 under RBMA. I never knew crowds could bob head to experimental music and ambient pieces. It was a very rewarding moment. 

Message to the family?
I am proud and honoured to be in this family, with much gratitude.

Aresha G.K (Toronto, 2007)

Favourite lecture and why?
It's a tough one because I enjoyed all of them due to how varied they were. And to be honest the tutors were the ones who were the most inspiring because they'd fix your head. But I think I took the most away from:

1) Theo Parrish. Because he talked about how he made a tune called stomp your feet with this thump of a wooden block against the floor. 2) Jazzy Jay talking about how music was made in the foundations of Zulu Nation, with tapes and effects were created with playing music and re-recording it over how it sounded against metal sheets...  Music meant, felt and went so much further when it had rawness. So I came out of it wishing I was born 50 years ago.

A distinctive RBMA moment?
It's a strange one. I think it would the point I realised that it's not about sticking within the perimeters of 'scenes'. Realising that a lot of times you end up trying to create and be this thing that defines everyone else, but you. And that I wasn't crazy to think that it's absolutely fine to wake up one day and say 'I want to make a song out this mouse squeak because hearing it made me happy...' as opposed to I want to sound like Skrillex and tour the world.   

Message to the family?
HOLLA! Wish there was a reunion camp. So many interesting people from so many places.

Vijay Singh (Melbourne, 2006)

Favourite lecture and why?
Mizzell Brothers being interviewed by Benji B was a real highlight mostly because of the fact that they've created some of the greatest music ever with some of the most outstanding soul and funk artists. Sharing their non-conformist, non-linear approach to producing and engineering re-inforced the idea that music should be free and unknown in its form and structure from creation stage.

A distinctive RBMA moment?
Playing out at a bar in Melbourne and crossing genres of music like no tomorrow, with the crowd lapping up the sounds of every different genre. People were shaking down on the floor and showing much love and appreciation. One of my best gigs ever as a DJ.  

Message to the family?
On and on.

Debbie Chia (Seattle, 2005)

Favourite lecture and why?
Wow so hard to choose. Most probably Kerri Chandler because his love for music just grabbed me straightaway. It was also a very warm interview and thoroughly heartfelt. Of course, I still haven't gotten over my shock of the Underground Resistance one.

A distinctive RBMA moment?
Impromptu basement parties at the Ace Hotel. I actually went without sleep for 2 days straight (possibly more) simply because I was so excited the entire time and didn't want to miss a thing, big or small.

Message to the family?
Been a pleasure to know each and everyone of you guys and I look forward to the day our paths cross again!

Red Bull Music Academy Info Session 2012
with Midnight Shift
Fri 24 Feb 2012
Wine Bar, Zouk
6.30pm - 8.30pm

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