It's a Fabuary with the JUICE team dishing out this month's must-hear music from Jacques Greene, Burial, Lapulux, Jam City and Battles. To be listened in order.

Jacques Greene feat. Koreless – Arrow

What’s the buzz: Two buzzy young producers with reputations for bouncy bass and r&b heavy tracks team-up to make a meandering song with none of their hallmarks. Refreshing!

Sounds like: A gently engrossing, nine-minute piece with Greene on the dials and Koreless on piano. The highlight of Greene’s Concealer EP.

Prediction: Rap fans may know Greene simply as the guy being barked at by Azealia Banks in the 212 video, but to EDM fans, he’s already kind of a big deal. The same can be said for Scottish prospect Koreless. Both are poised for big things.

Burial – Kindred


Sounds like: Given his name it’s fitting for this title track to sound so funereal but underneath the ghostly garage beats, there’s something very sinister rumbling.

Prediction: Every Burial release seems to turn jaded, cynical music critics into giggly, hyperbolic schoolgirls and Kindred will likely have the same effect. The thing is though, the praise is entirely deserved.

Lapalux – Gutter Glitter

What’s the buzz: UK producer Lapalux is set to introduce himself with his When You're Gone EP and wahey, it’s backed Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder label!

Sounds like: With countless layers and a hip hop vibe, it certainly sounds like Brainfeeder but Lapalux brings some of that British futuristic funk with him. Kinda like what if HudMo produced a James Blake track.

Prediction: We’ll admit that the Essex beatsmith is a mystery to us as well, but much like the guy above, he lets his music do all the talking. And when his music is this good, that’s all it takes.

Jam City – The Courts

Jam City - The Courts from night slugs on Vimeo.

What’s the buzz: The Night Slugs member first caught our ear with his brilliant Waterworx and Magic Drops EPs but now Jam City has a debut LP forthcoming, and we’re giddy with excitement!

Sounds like: Ghetto and grimy and just absurdly massive. It’s minimal and doesn’t try to be too precious, but what it does do is get you bouncing.

Prediction: The latest Londoner to make a splash in the bass pool and this 12” release is only a precursor to his highly anticipated Classical Curves full-length. We haven’t heard it but if this is any indication, how can it not be amazing?

Battles: White Electric (Shabazz Palaces Remix)

What’s the buzz: Battles is following up their Tyondai-less 2011 opus Gloss Drop with a four-part remix series called Drop Gloss. The first one featured the likes of Gui Boratto and The Field, and Drop Gloss 2 is set to showcase remixes from names like Shabazz Palaces.

Sounds like: Besides adding a shifty new dimension to the beat, Shabazz Palaces also drops a couple of dope verses. Perfection.

Prediction: Just one of the many great reworks within Gloss Drop 2. We bet you’ll be just as stunned when you pick up the EP and check out similarly great remixes of Futura by The Alchemist and Africastle by Kode9.

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