If you’ve come across the term ‘Jakbeat’, you probably already know who D’Marc Cantu is. One-half of techno/house duo 2AM/FM and member of acid techno trio X2, the DJ/producer’s creations and contributions to the Jakbeat and acid-house scene since late 2000 have not gone unnoticed. For the uninitiated, Jakbeat is perhaps not easily defined, and encompasses an evolving assortment of sonic arrangement. Using both modern editing techniques and classic drum machines/synths to create his signature sound, D’Marc Cantu released his debut album, Fallen, on vinyl last month.

From the beginning, the track Transmogrification sucks the listener into a swirling vortex of jacking rhythms, a tunnel of sound pulsing with gritty synths, solid beats, and deep vocals growling in the background.

Oh My is without a doubt the most interesting track of the album; thoroughly unpredictable and a bold display of what D’Marc Cantu does to push the envelope when it comes to making music. 

The darkness lifts a little with the following tracks A New Night and I Want To Ride, which feel a little lighter. But before you get too comfortable, D’Marc Cantu turns the power back up on Shoot The Fish

Say It And It’s Time, and Evil Motion continue the final surge of sonic assault before you ride out the last track, Fractal, a perfectly delicate ending to the album. Whoa. 

Fallen is not for the faint-hearted – the album is a concentration of D’Marc Cantu’s adept ability to transform classic Chicago house, and a purposeful piece of work that commands attention by decidedly pushing boundaries. It seems to be challenging listeners – be it DJs, producers, or anyone else - “This is something different, now let’s see what you can do with it.”

03.The Power
04.Stand Up
05.Oh My
06.A New Night
07.I Want To Ride
08.Shoot The Fish
09.Say It and It’s Time
10.Evil Motion 


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