A brand new year and a new bag of tunes given the JUICE stamp of approval. Enjoy the selection, from dubstep to pop and nu disco.

Dub Phizix and Skeptical feat Strategy – Marka

What’s the buzz: Oh you know, only the most hyped d’n’b release of the couple of months. Marka hit 100,000 views on YouTube in its first week with its test presses selling out during an 11-minute blitz. Just a massive, massive tune.

Sounds like: Its hilarious trying to define this, you just can’t. Marka has a mellow tribal beat, a d’n’b tempo, dubstep’s sinisterness and grime vocals. Kind of like The Bug, just not exactly. Safe to say, it’ll appeal to any breed of UK bass head out there.

Prediction: This is where we talk about how big it’s going to be, but that’s not so much a prediction as it is a forgone conclusion. Find us a bass DJ that hasn’t dropped this (even Goldie did at Home Club) over the last month and we’ll show you one that’s in a coma.

Todd Terje – Inspector Norse

TODD TERJE - Inspector Norse by toddterje

What’s the buzz: After a five-year stretch without any original material, it appears this Nordic disco man’s eager to keep busy post-Ragysh. Inspector Norse is taken of his forthcoming It’s The Arps EP and it’s represents Terje at the peak of his powers.

Sounds like: There’s a deluge of disco these days but this track proves that nobody, and we mean nobody, is even close to Terje’s level. It’s a masterclass of catchy hooks and flourishing grooves.

Prediction: Perhaps it’s too early to say, but when December comes and everybody’s making their Best Of lists and checking it twice, Inspector Norse is certain to be on almost all of them.

Charli XCX – Nuclear Seasons (Balam Acab Remix)

What’s the buzz: Charli XCX’s Nuclear Seasons was one of 2011’s grittiest synthpop pleasures and it seems only fitting for the wonderful Balam Acab would put his equally warped stamp on it.

Sounds like: This remix is darker and slower but the thing makes it different from most Balam Acab tracks is that it’s still so very chirpy. The hook from the original stays and it absolutely revels in its newfound context.

Prediction: If for some wacky reason you’ve yet to notice them, you’ll certainly make it your mission to pay attention to both the British songstress and booming bedroom producer from now on.

Lissy Trullie – Madeleine (Selebrities Remix)

Lissy Trullie - Madeleine (Selebrities Remix) by selebrities

What’s the buzz: People have been waiting for Lissy Trullie to release her debut album for a while now, and it seems like that wait couldn’t have been better rewarded. Madeleine is a taste of what’s to come and it’s made all that much sweeter by an inspired Selebrities remix.

Sounds like: Trullie’s Nico-esque vocals dazzle with a bright sprinkling of ‘80s New Wave giving the song an extra synth sheen, but what’s ever-present is that sense of loneliness and distant depression.

Prediction: Everyone already knows how amazing the Self-Taught Learner is, but what this remix should do is introduce everyone to the gangly, glacial enchantment of Selebrities.

The 2 Bears – Work

What’s the buzz: Hot Chip's Joe Goddard teams-up with British DJ Raf Daddy for a side-project adorably called The 2 Bears, and everything we’ve heard from the cuddly pair has been nothing short of incredible so far.

Sounds like: Taken off their forthcoming debut LP Be Strong, Work is a standout amidst an album of standouts. It’s perfect for a singalong, its perfect for the dancefloor - it’s simply perfectly catchy.

Prediction: This brilliant incursion into disco and house territory will lessen everyone’s clamouring for a new Hot Chip record… but we’d still like one though.

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