Boof is Maurice Fulton and it is also one of his many projects including Syclops, Stress, Eddie & The Eggs, Ladyvipb et al. Although adamant about declining interviews, you can watch him in a special interview with Gerd Janson of Running Back at the Red Bull Music Academy here, where he demonstrates how he lays a track down in Logic Pro 7, shares Zanzibar classics and talks about not sampling, ever. 

Another fun fact to note would be Maurice's marriage to pop singer Mu of Paris Hilton (the song) fame, and which he did the production for. 

Owner of label Bubbletease Communications as well as one-time Basement Boy from the Basement Boys production team, we can only wish we knew more about this elusive cat who was also involved in producing the 90s hit, Gypsy Woman by Crystal Waters.

But as he would probably prefer, let's focus on the music.

Wildly underrated, Shhh, Dandelions at Play is refreshing and thoroughly original music that pretty much does its own thing and does it well. Between quirky and leftfield, you get a distinctive flavour of funk of the flying teapot variety. But its undeniable musical grounding makes this album seriously good and dare I say, genius.

It is an album that will find fans in all kinds of audiences. From disco to house, funk and even pop, modern classical or jam band aesthetics. 

Now She's Jumping is a modern day disco track and almost luxurious. Not quite nu disco but more neo disco in how it reinterprets and updates the classic genre digitally. It typifies the work of Boof perfectly as does Joi is Smiling (both available as 12" on Running Back).


The following track after, Lulu Is Going To Win The Race has both a weighted and gospel-like feel to it from marrying beautiful church chords with the mechanical. Though clocking in at near 6 minutes, it feels like a good 9 minutes or longer to get contentedly lost into thanks to a remarkable synth solo.

The album's self-titled track, Dandelions At Play is what happens when recorded noise experiments become inspired groove -- an orchestra of croaks and cricks gathering together for a secret forest party. Definitely one of my favorites.

Future Plants gives the funkadelics what they've been waiting for with a full born out futuristic funk jam. Something sorely missed in dance music today.

An entirely instrumental album, we can safely say that Maurice has not used a single sample nor borrowed the starlight of a vocalist in any of the tracks. What he has put together is accomplished and unique; fully artistic yet greatly palatable to all music lovers. Don't wait to get this, every track is worth it.

01. Looking Around In 5c 
02. Joi Is Smiling 
03. Now She's Jumping 
04. Lulu Is Going To Win The Race 
05. Space Potatoes (Maurice Fulton mix)  
06. Future Plants 
07. Dandelions At Play
08. Dinge Dig 
09. Eric Has His G 

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Listen to Maurice Fulton's show on RBMA Radio. 

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