This eponymous collaboration between two great minds in the dubstep scene is a right work of art. Against the atmosphere of the festive season, Pinch and Shackleton deliver an album that locks down a passing cloud of darkness and sieves out 9 beautifully intricate, complex tracks. In a time where popular electronic music increasingly comes with the concept that ‘more is more’, Pinch and Shackleton forcefully and skillfully take control with their own formula of subtle but stunning sound; there is nothing else to do but listen.

The tracks on the album all come with unique features of minimal sound, moving across different proportions of sonic possibility, but still tie in as one with their snaking fluidity and slow, lilting rhythm.

Cracks In The Pleasuredome tells you what you’re in for, with a spooky beginning that evolves halfway through into something more ‘comfortable’ yet strong, a fitting welcome from Pinch and Shackleton.

The sweeping introduction of Rooms Within A Room is a minute long and entirely menacing, and just when you think its over, the congal percussion kicks in and sends the track into battle, slowly creeping yet engulfing.

Levitation first appears to be in tune with the qualities that we are by now somewhat familiar with in this album, but takes on a more spiritual tone halfway through, with bells coming in around 03:30, followed by a louder interlude of hymnal vocals that were hinted at earlier in Rooms Within A Room.

Boracay Drift concludes the experience in a dramatic, magical fashion, opening with hynoptic, crashing waves of noise that drift into yet another hynoptic, weaving rhythm, later joined by more surreal choral singing. 

Pinch and Shackleton make music that does not scream for your attention, but certainly deserves it.

As Boomkat puts it, the album is “a meta-meditation of labyrinthine rhythms and spirit-summoning sonics, constantly folding into themselves and re-emerging at the start of each new piece, traversing hundreds of miles of desolate, ancient jungle terrain with the stealth and gait of Predator on the hunt for human minds to devour. Simply put, it's every bit as affective and enveloping as you'd imagine it to be, and then some.”

1. Cracks In The Pleasuredome
2. Jellybones
3. Torn And Submerged
4. Rooms Within A Room
5. Selfish Greedy Life
6. Burning Blood
7. Levitation
8. Monks On The Rum
9. Boracay Drift


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