Orphx, the electronic brainchild of Canadians Richard Oddie and Christina Sealey, stepped onto the scene in 1994. With over 10 albums behind them and about 18 years of experience, the pair are known as one of the pioneering acts in the European “rhythmic noise” scene, and have been making impressive electronic music that explores the grey areas between techno, industrial, and electro-acoustic music.

Radiotherapy was released earlier this year and is yet another display of Orphx’s inventive skill, using synthesizers and sequencers to weave an electronic assault of sound. Slowly pulsating rhythm is layered with a range of sounds to build excellent texture. Complemented by an underlying droning buzz, the album is a brilliant hybrid of techno and noise. It’s not easy to break it down – this is one of those albums where perhaps it’s best that you discover the experience for yourself.

Tensile, third track on the album, delivers a dark, pumping beat, shrouded in distorted noise.

1200 µRh is probably the most danceable track on the album, with a build-up that goes on for more than half of the track, before the full punch comes in around 04:24.

is a powerful soundscape – and I’m sure fans expected nothing less - and Orphx’s music an experimental techno wormhole I willingly fall into. Remixes of the tracks on the album are set to be released on vinyl in the coming months – stay tuned.

1. Compulsion
2. Contamination
3. Radiotherapy I
4. Tensile
5. Lost Again
6. Radiotherapy II
7. Future Past
8. 1200 μRH
9. Dead Zone


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