Keeping the JUICEs flowing this November are Keep Shelly in Athens, Vril, Darkside (a Nicolas Jaar project), Andy Stott and Washed Out. Plug into these selections now.

Keep Shelly In Athens – Campus Martius

Keep Shelly In Athens - 'Campus Martius' by BOILER ROOM

What’s the buzz: As their name implies this Grecian electronic act hail from Athens and they’re set to follow up their brilliant 12", Our Own Dream, with an eponymous EP on Planet Mu.

Sounds like: All that glitches is gold. Well that’s true for this experimental autumnal ditty at least. Meld skitters with synth melodies and a gorgeous piano loop and you’ll be lost in a swirling dream.

Prediction: Keep Shelly In Athens could be the new Air if they play their Balearic-tinted cards right.

Vril – UV

What’s the buzz: Marcel Fengler recently released an excellent three-cut compilation called Berghain 05 through Ostgut Ton, and this warehouse stunner was a definite highlight.

Sounds like: A bouncy banger with one of helluva kick and driven by killer reverb. A must-listen for you discerning heads.

Prediction: Little is known about mysterious producer Vril but his rugged and robust productions will ensure that his beat lives on in the heart of underground techno for the foreseeable future.

Darkside – A1
DARKSIDE - A1 by Clown & Sunset

What’s the buzz: If you’re reading this, chances are you already know and love Nicholas Jaar. But what you may not know is that he also has a side project (with guitarist Dave Harrington) called Darkside that’s just as ridiculously awesome.

Sounds like: Nico can do no wrong and Darkside’s lead track is a funky and minimal animal that befits this duo’s genius.

Prediction: The addition of throbbing guitars adds such a cool new dynamic to Jaar’s electronica that we desperately hope for Darkside to be more than a one-EP wonder. Chances are that it is though, so enjoy it while you can.

Andy Stott – Bad Wires

What’s the buzz: It’s been only a few months since the Mancunian producer blew minds with his dub techno offering Passed Me By, and here he is again with a second full-length proper this year called We Stay Together.

Sounds like: “Bad Wires” is the third track off Stott’s new doublepack and the lo-fi gravel shaker serves as the record’s crushing centerpiece.

Prediction: Visceral, intense and full of foreboding, this throttling tech thumper will seriously decimate some dancefloors given the right soundsystem.

Washed Out – Amor Fati (Clams Casino remix)

Washed Out - "Amor Fati" (Clams Casino Remix) by Pretty Much Amazing

What’s the buzz: New Jersey beatmaker Clams Casino totally reinvents one of Washed Out’s signature singles “Amor Fati” and it’s a remarkable rework.

Sounds like: The original’s summery bubble is coated in a downcast and dubby haze and though it’s a much darker shade, it’s no less gorgeous.

Prediction: Clams Casino was one of those overlooked acts this year but with talent like this, we find it hard to imagine that the world can ignore him for too long.

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