Singapore's Eddie Niguel drops the Midnight Shift Podcast #003. Winner of the Get Physical remix competition of Patrice Baumel's 'Roar' in 2008, Eddie (also known under his production moniker Edel) has since been working his way slowly but surely to the forefront of where we are at today. Check his intense mix combusting into sheer techno flames to hear what we're talking about.

So, how did your relationship with music begin?

My relationship with music began at a very young age and it all started out with my dad. He was a music and hi-fi enthusiast and he would always put on these huge headphones on me while he played some of his favourite records. I'm fortunate that I have a dad that loves and is open to music in general. I picked up that trait from him and have since developed an open relationship with music. It doesn't really matter what the genre or style is or if it's old or new music. If it's good music then it's good music and I will embrace it. I have since took over what's left of his 70's & 80's collection, mainly disco, funk and 70's rock so it's all good.

Where did you receive your music education, formal or informal?
Well, I was in the school youth orchestra for 6 years playing in the brass and wood ensemble. Funnily enough I can't read or write scores now so I just play by ear if I have to. As for the technical side of things, I did spend some time in a local studio here and abroad watching and learning from the pros but I wouldn't consider that a formal education.

You’re known as a bit of a low profile personality…
I’m reserved by nature and I don't have the ambition to rule or conquer the world with my music. To me, my music is personal. I genuinely enjoy the whole music-making process and if others take a liking to what I do, I take that as a reward for the effort I put in. My output however is slow compared to everyone else out there so it's only natural that I am somewhat known to be a bit low profile and I don't have a problem with that at all. On the contrary, I actually enjoy being under the radar as it gives me the space and time to develop and establish myself as a producer. Having said that, I do have an official website that I try to update regularly and I'm on social music networks like myspace or soundcloud.

Oni Ayhun - Untitled - Edel 360° Re-Edit (Low Quality Preview) - FREE Download by Eddie Niguel Aka Edel

You are also a resident DJ at a gay club Taboo in Singapore. How many years have you been there and your thoughts about it?
I have been at Taboo for about 6 years now. I have a great team there so the working environment is pleasant and the crowd is always out to have a good night of fun. Music wise, it's very different to what I would normally play out at any of my own gigs but as chief resident I am given the responsibility to keep the crowd entertained and ensure that the club remains in business. Hence for this reason, I choose to put the club's interest ahead of mine and keep it professional so that at the end of the day everybody walks away a winner.

Could you tell us about the scene in Singapore and its current state?
I think the music scene in Singapore is not too bad, it could have been worse. The electronic dance or clubbing scene however I think is doing pretty good. I've noticed that there are more bars and cafes playing electronic music now than there ever was. There's also more independent promoters and DJs throwing their own parties and starting up their own record labels. Performing art venues like the Esplanade are also now opening up to electronic music and are hosting acts like Kraftwerk which is great. I hope to see the local scene grow and I'd love to see more smaller clubs and homegrown festivals here in the future. All in all I'd say the current state is pretty good, exciting times and there is definitely room for growth...

Is there anyone else whom you think people should check out or pay attention to?
I think the locals needs all the attention they can get so support all your local acts and check them all out. If you dig what they do, spread the word out to your friends, go to their gigs and buy their music.

Could you tell us about your remix for Patrice Bäumel’s 'Roar'?
The remix was done in Logic Pro with logic's built in plugs and soft synths except for the vocal samples. It did fairly well when Get Physical released it digitally on Juno downloads. It also introduced me to a new audience as well, thanks to the Label's reputation and Patrice's stamp of approval on the remix.

Patrice Baumel - Roar - Edel Lights Out Mix (Low Quality Preview) by Eddie Niguel Aka Edel

"Haunting and Dark, Will Cause Considerable Damage On The Dance Floor!"
- Patrice Baumel (Get Physical, Trapez, Studio iK7)

What is your production method?
I try to be original, keep an open mind and tend to keep things simple most time. I always start with a blank canvas but that’s the only thing that is fixed in my routine. Everything else is dependent on my mood, sometimes I will start by playing in some chords, other times I’ll start by sequencing a drum pattern and take it from there.

What is your favourite piece of gear?
I own only a few right now so there are no favourites at the moment as I love them all equally. Logic still plays a key role and is still my main DAW for recording and mixing. 

Is there a certain sound you associate yourself with?
Not that I am consciously aware of.

Who are some of your inspirations?
If I have to list down names, it would probably be a very long list. I’d say everyday life experience and traveling to other cities is probably the fuel that inspires me creatively.

Who is your top 10 right now?
Instead of listing down a top 10, I decided to list down 10 people who's work I have always taken an interest in. They are all extremely talented and versatile producers in my opinion and their music always find it's way into my 'god dam this is hot folder'. Not in any particular order:

Ripperton, Deetron, Conforce, Apparat, Patrice Baumel, Chymera, Omar S, Levon Vincent, Redshape and Matt Edwards.

And your top 10 of all time?
Only 10? This is really gonna be a tough one. I'm sure I’m going to miss out a dozen more greats but I’ll give it a shot!

Herbie Hancock - Rockit!
Amazon (256kbps Mp3)
Nick Non Stop - House Nation
The Orb - Little Fluffy Clouds
Juno Download (Mp3/WAV) | Amazon (256kbps Mp3) | iTunes (256kbps AAC)
Doctor Rockit - Cafe de Flore
Juno Download (Mp3/WAV) | Amazon (256kbps Mp3)
Isolee - Beau Mot Plage
Juno Download (Mp3/WAV) | Amazon (256kbps Mp3) | iTunes (256kbps AAC)
Dubtribe SoundSystem - Do it Now
Amazon (256kbps Mp3)
Dennis Ferrer & Jerome Sydenham – Timbuktu
Juno Download (Mp3/WAV) | Amazon (256kbps Mp3)
Laurent Garnier - Man With The Red Face
Juno Download (Mp3/WAV) | Amazon (256kbps Mp3) | iTunes (256kbps AAC)
Josh Wink & Lil Louis - How's Your Evening So Far
Underworld - Dark & Long
Juno Download (Mp3/WAV) 

Could you tell us a bit about your podcast?
I had intended to start off the mix slightly deeper but Midnight Shift had requested that I include my track for them ‘Absolute’ in the mix which kind of altered the direction I originally had in mind. Regardless, I tried to showcase a mix that would hopefully keep the Midnight Shift listeners entertained and also get a glimpse of what to expect when I play out at gigs. Granted, it's not the most accurate representation of everything I play as my sets tend to vary depending on the crowd, room and time-slot I'm performing. Nevertheless, I hope you listeners are going to enjoy the mix that I have put together cause it's been a long time since I actually did a mixtape.

1. Marc Romboy/Blake Baxter - Where Would You Be - Loopapella (Systematic)
Amazon (256kbps Mp3)
2. Eddie Niguel - Absolute - Original Vinyl Edit - (Midnight Shift)
3. Deetron - Starblazer - Original Mix (Rejected)
Amazon (256kbps Mp3)
4. Surrealism - Heat - Vocal Mix (Dig Deeper)
Amazon (256kbps Mp3) | iTunes (256kbps AAC)
5. Josh Wink - Stay Out All Night - Radio Slave Mix (Ovum)
Juno Download (Mp3/WAV) | Amazon (256kbps Mp3)
6. Matthias Meyer - Tout Va Bien - Kink Remix (liebe* detail)
Juno Download (Mp3/WAV) | iTunes (256kbps AAC)
7. Joe Stawarz - Cry - Decimal Remix (Soma)
Juno Download (Mp3/WAV) | Amazon (256kbps Mp3)
8. Gary Beck - Mock Tease - Orig Mix (Drumcode)
9. Tres Demented - Demented - Orig Version (Planet E)
10. Mark Broom/youANDme - Get Serious - Edit Select vs Gary Beck (Dekadent Schallplatten)
11. Empty Set/Cornelius Harris - Altogether Lost - SCB Edit (Caravan)
12. Rhythm & Sound feat Bobbo Shanti - Poor People Must Work - Carl Craig Remix (Not On Label)
13. Len Faki - Death By House - Adam Beyer/Jesper Dahlback Remix (Cocoon)
14. Art Of Tones feat Jaw - Call The Shots - Argy These Days Dub Mix (These Days)
iTunes (256kbps AAC)
15. Jerome Sydenham - Trombipolution - Original Mix (Drumcode)
16. Orlando Voorn - Angels - Fran Hartnett's Dreamstate Mix (Nice & Tasty)
17. Todd Terje - Snooze 4 Love - Original Mix (Running Back)
Juno Download (Mp3/WAV) | Amazon (256kbps Mp3)

What’s next for you in 2012?

I just recently signed some new materials to Danny Howells label, Dig Deeper records from the UK so that's exciting. I've received some really nice feedback on those so I'm really looking forward to it's official release next year. Also, I’ve been working on a couple of remixes under my Edel moniker for a 3-piece synth pop band out of the UK as well called Evokateur. They have been bubbling under, performing around venues in London and their gigs have received great reviews so keep a look out for them and my remixes too. 

Evokateur - Wolf Girl - Edel After Hours Mix (Low Quality Preview) by Eddie Niguel Aka Edel

Apart from that, I’m just gonna continue working on new materials, try to get more stuff out there and hopefully land some memorable gigs along the way! Last but not least, a big ‘Thank You’ to Midnight Shift for this interview, releasing my music and most importantly for the great parties. Wish you guys all the best for 2012!

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