There is probably not a Singaporean musician alive who has not been influenced, inspired or touched in some way by the iconic X'Ho. A revered hero among many, the radio DJ, club DJ, band member, filmmaker and author (and that's just scratching the surface) is a national treasure. Let's give it up.

Can you describe exactly what is it that you do?

I make a living out of a hobby to finance my sex-capades. Does that make sense? Probably not, you'd think I'm a sex-addict. Forget the sex part then. I've been DJing for years on radio and I branched out DJing in clubs as well about 11 years ago. I am a music-maker who only played music once - and that's the guitar heard throughout my 2009 album No Ordinary Country. Now, I can play it no more. That said, I have numerous albums to my name and I've also written three books - all about Singapore, and I also make experimental short films - six thus far - about Singapore for a particular film festival in Europe. Oh, and I've fronted three bands - Zircon Lounge, Zircon Gov Pawn Starz and The Fabulous IQ Of David Gunn. Basically, I'm just a bohemian on the fringe.

Claim to fame?

The first alternative-music DJ in Singapore.. Some have labelled me Singapore's godfather of punk. I think I've gotten myself another label of late - Singapore's angriest music man.

Most memorable moment in the music scene so far?

Programming punk for the first time on Singapore radio; and in the 1990s, nu-beat for the first time on Singapore radio. The rush of satisfaction from doing it felt like some music revolution handed to Singapore.

What are some projects you are currently involved in?

Am hosting shows on the Internet radio Sonar as myself - X' Ho and as DJ Mentor hosting a black metal weekly, which is like an impossible-dream coming true for me. Am also working on my next album - a showcase of Singapore's dance-styles featuring various music-producers who are the creme de la creme of local dance music.

What would you like to be known best for?

A music fan who makes bold statements about the culture of Singapore.

What are your top 10 desert island discs?

1) Hejira - Joni Mitchell 
Amazon US 256kbps Mp3 iTunes 256kbps AAC

2) For The Roses - Joni Mitchell 
Amazon US 256kbps Mp3 iTunes 256kbps AAC

3) Blue Afternoon - Tim Buckley 
Amazon US 256kbps Mp3 iTunes 256kbps AAC

4) Off The Bone - The Cramps 

5) Language Electric - Jhelisa 
Juno Download Mp3/WAV Amazon US 256kbps Mp3 iTunes 256kbps AAC

6) Deadline For My Memories - Billie Ray Martin 
Amazon US 256kbps Mp3 iTunes 256kbps AAC

7) Duchess Of Coolsville - Rickie Lee Jones 
iTunes 256kbps AAC

8) Fun House - The Stooges 
Juno Download Mp3/WAV Amazon US 256kbps Mp3 iTunes 256kbps AAC

9) Music, Martinis & Misanthropy - Boyd Rice 

10) The Best Of TKK - My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult 
iTunes 256kbps AAC

One video everyone should watch?

Oh dear, I don't have something to recommend to everyone. But if you wish to know something about Singapore's music scene, here's a documentary that should offer a clue:

Can you tell us a Singaporean music story?

My recorded version of Alfian Sa'at's poem Singapore, You're Not My Country should do it. It's on my first spoken-word CD from 1997- X' With An X. There's now a music version from me & Case Woo, coming out on the next album.

Who is the next hot tip you think the world should know about?

Nicolas Jaar - he's more like someone the world should know more about instead of buying into the next new flavor of the month.

What does the future hold next for you?

No freakin idea.

Finally, can you ask yourself a question and answer it?

Q. Who are some of the icons who've shaped your sensibility?
A. John Waters, Rickie Lee Jones, Bruce LaBruce, Allen Ginsberg, Buddha and Lucifer.

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