The team from JUICE does it again with its cherry-pick of this month's electronic flavours: Minnesota, Zenker Brothers, Deejay Mosca, The Drums and Marcel Dettmann.

Minnesota – “Breathe”


What’s the buzz: Minnesota may be obscure to casual bassheads but all you have to do is check out his Soundcloud to see the ruckus he’s making. His Ancient Machines EP provides a great introduction, led off by this lovely opening track.

Sounds like: Catchy and melodious aren’t adjectives normally associated with dubstep but Minnesota brilliantly finesses the black (banger bass) with the white (chill atmospherics) to form a head nodding shade of gray.

Prediction: The future of bass is within the fertile beatmaking soil of the American West Coast and Minnesota shall lead the way.

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Zenker Brothers – “Berg 10” 

What’s the buzz: Both Marco and Dario Zenker have been putting out quality stuff under their Munich-based Ilian Tape imprint for some time. But as cool as they are separately, this release suggests that they need to put their heads together more often.

Sounds like: Absolutely fantastic emotive techno that’s spurred on by snappy, ominous rhythms and underpinned by unsettling handclaps.

Prediction: Wow. Colour us impressed by the Zenker siblings, deep and tough techno at its best. A resounding thumbs up and a hopeful prediction that will be the first of many brotherly productions.

Mosca – “Bax”
Bax by DeejayMosca

What’s the buzz: It’s a little discouraging to see so much mediocrity diluting the formerly burgeoning garage scene, but Mosca is definitely a shining example of how you can step aside from the pack and do it right.

Sounds like: Great bassline with a great design that takes elements of UK funky, house, garage and mostly retro 2-step, to create a groove that just flexes freshness.

Prediction: It’s no wonder that Night Slugs picked Mosca to jumpstart their imprint and this release on Numbers injects similar quality into the Glasgow-based label. Expect Mosca to keep being in demand for a long, long time.

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The Drums  – “Money” (Craft Spells Remix) 

What’s the buzz: As infectious as The Drums’ jangly surf-tune of financial woe is, what lo-fi electro-popsters Craft Spells did with “Money” is utterly astounding.

Sounds like: Jonathan Pierce’s pops out even more with this chilled-out take that employs smooth doses of ‘80s synth and copious amounts of violin reverb.

Prediction: Nothing more than a one-off remix but this track says a lot about the delicious compatibility between Glo-Fi chillwave and post-punk New Wave.

Marcel Dettmann – “Translation Two”

What’s the buzz: Translation is Marcus Dettmann’s first original release in a year, which is an eternity in electronic music terms. And if you’ve forgotten just what a techno ace Marcel is, this track and record is set remind you.

Sounds like: Straightforward but darkly neurotic, “Translation Two” smartly makes the most of its spaced-out minimal parts to build up relentless tension.

Prediction: Ostgut Ton has a gem on its hands with this one and Marcel’s place as one of contemporary techno’s most capable figures is pretty much assured.

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