Omar-S, native Detroit DJ and producer, releases his second LP called It Can Be Done, But Only I Can Do It.

As one of Detroit's finest, Omar-S is known for his sharp rhythms as well as simple and effective melodies. A tinge of acid, sophisticated drum programming and an analog sound that is raw yet clear make his productions highly coveted items. Like his lively, in-your-face interviews, his productions have more than a word to say. And true to Detroit legend, he even still works at the Ford Motor Company as a parts certifier.

His latest album comes six years after Just Ask The Lonely in 2005 and it shows a more refined and polished aesthetic. The above signatures are still there, but there is an extra trim off the edges which makes this album a somewhat smoother listen.

While some artists choose to delve into wide spectrums in an album release, Omar-S has focused on creating tracks that simply work, either on their own or together in arrangement. But if not in style, he has gone wide in mood. Overall, while the tone of the album is sombre and mellow, there are the rewarding highs to be obtained.

The album begins with Solely Supported, a deceptively simple opener. Like the other tracks you will hear later, it is remarkable for its stripped down discipline alone.

Before you imagine the NSFW Look Hear Watch to be yet another song featuring a female orgasm (ref French Kiss) it is totally unique in its melancholic piano execution. As if it is an ode to someone lost, or a scene overheard from a lonely next door hotel bedroom.

The album's eponymous number, It Can Be Done, But Only I Can Do It, is a hypnotic slow burner that hits you before you even realise it. The wonderful synth-led track Here's Your Trance, Now Dance which has been released earlier makes a repeat highlight here. It is an uplifting dancefloor hit that unlike its name suggests, is anything but cheesy and will put a smile on all camps of dance.

Having been the maker of his own label, FXHE Records, Omar-S has been able to take full control of his output. You can still buy records off his website, but a few things have changed. When once you could only buy vinyl with handwritten labels (using the markers from his day job) and in limited quantities, now wavs are available. But one would be silly to lodge any sort of complaint with Omar-S going digital. You can even buy FXHE-branded ice trays. Now, that is what we call enlightened merchandising.

All in all, this is another beauty from the one and only Omar-S, who by the way is also excellent as a DJ. Listen to his much-lauded 2005 mix here.

You can also download a free for listening 5-track EP from Scion A/V Presents: Omar S -High School Graffiti. A release between Toyota's Scion project and Omar-S, the "gritty yet spirited" collection also features a track with Theo Parrish.

"I'm not putting out music that you put on someone else's label that sounds the same. You do shit on FXHE or you do shit on your own label. Fuck that, I'm not fucking with you if you're fucking with other people. Jus-Ed is the only one who really took advantage of that. Jus-Ed did his first song on FXHE Records, he got a name for himself, now he's doing his own thing BIG. I'm really proud of him. Kyle Hall is doing the same as well!"
Omar-S, from an interview with Resident Advisor.

01. Solely Supported
02. Supported Solely
03. Look Hear Watch
04. I Come Over
05. Ganymeade
06. You Wish
07. Over You Too
08. It Can Be Done, But Only I Can Do It
09. Nite’s Over Compton
10. Here’s Your Trance, Now Dance
11. Skynet 2 B
12. Bobien Larkin


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