Guest reviewers JUICE magazine single out Air Drops, Cosmin TRG, Four Tet, Regis and Saturn Never Sleeps as their top 5 to check out this month.

Air Drops – “Jejune”

What’s the buzz: Where do all these mysterious bedroom electronic acts come from? Air Drops strangely did all his promotion on a Kanye West forum but apparently that’s enough to make his Bandcamp offering one of the most hyped independent releases this year.

Sounds like: This lead track from aforementioned mini-EP is a warm, lazy haze of synth that enchants as it builds into a chillwave tsunami.

Prediction: Nothing gets you more attention than avoiding attention (especially if your debut is this incredible), so we expect massive things for the enigmatic Air Drops.

Saturn Never Sleeps – “Tory”


What’s the buzz: Inspired by cosmic jazz philosopher Sun-Ra, Philadelphian producers King Britt and Rucyl joined forces to make similarly simple-meets-divine electronica on their debut LP Yesterday’s Machine.

Sounds like: A spacious slice of soul possessed by downtempo disco and acid jazz.

Prediction: It’s hard to believe that this is their first collaboration considering the chemistry displayed on this ethereal ditty. The neo-soul duo should go on to make many more funky left-field house lullabies in the years to come.

Four Tet – “Locked”

What’s the buzz: Keiran Hebden resurfaces with a new song. Seriously, what else do you need to know?

Sounds like: An eight-and-half minute tripped-out instrumental melody that meanders along gorgeous stretches of gravel, encountering bass swells and magnetic synth lines.

Prediction: And Four Tet does it again. This innocuous, atmospheric track is a stunner that hints at even greater things during his starring turn in the forthcoming Fabriclive 59.

Cosmin TRG – “Fizic”

What’s the buzz: Cosmin Nicolae is best known for past 2-step and dubstep adventures. But lately, he’s been a purely techno player who’s subversive take on the genre is anything but purist. 

Sounds like: Led off by a kickass 808 drum build, this track then ventures into fidgety and fuzzy techno that trades traditional smoothness for rough-edged shards of garage. 

Prediction: We’re unsure what the future holds for Cosmin TRG’s brand of dub-influenced techno but we’ll guarantee that your next 45 minutes will be bliss if you put on his Simulat record now.

Regis – “Blood Witness”

Regis - Blood Witness by Subbase Dublin

What’s the buzz: Former British Murder Boy takes a break from his day job in the Sandwell District collective for his first proper solo outing since 2001’s Exercise For Institutions.

Sounds like: This A-side from In A Syrian Tongue isn’t exactly foreign stuff, in fact its comfortably reminiscent of his swaggering and unyielding techno style. Fierce, black and revelatory. 

Prediction: Regis pulls no punches and his latest solo efforts prove that the man (and consequently the EP’s home label Blackest Ever Black) is a force to be reckoned with beyond the borders of Sandwell District.

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