It would be easy to dismiss the collection of tracks presented on Ron Morelli's 'Spit' out on Hospital Productions. For the large part drone-y, loopy, lo-fi, raw and decidedly unmusical in the conventional sense, the short 8-tracker that clocks in at slightly under 35 minutes took me multiple listens, and each time produced a different reaction. 

The first was a meditative experience. A small smile curled on my lips as I polished off the LP as a whole, no track in particular stood out. I remember feeling calm and my ears cleansed. The other attempts unearthed the stand-outs for me, tracks like 'Modern Paranoia' and 'Crack Microbes' became my picks, with no doubt the selection being different for everyone else.

'Modern Paranoia''s backbone is reminiscent of Sunpeople's 'Check Your Buddha' released on Trelik, but breaks free with a modulated note that sounds as it has been pulled like plasticine to great result. The album's opener and closer, 'Radar Version' and 'Slow Drown' act like palate-cleansers for my ears, reconfiguring the frequencies to be heard or unheard. Possibly the most irritating track on the album, 'Sledgehammer II' should come with a warning label - acceptable only in deeply hungover state.

Ron Morelli is the man behind the label of the moment, L.I.E.S. (Long Island Electrical Systems) from New York, and in some part responsible for the resurgence of interest and activity of its music scene. Featuring the ruthlessly talented from Legowelt and X0SAR to Greg Beato, Steve Summers, Florian Kupfer, Beau Wanzer and Terreke, L.I.E.S. has established accolades including Resident Advisor's Label of the Year (2012). Ron's personal output as a producer is commendable and sits comfortably right next to the label's quirky revenge of the nerds roster.

01. Radar Version
02. Modern Paranoia
03. Crack Microbes
04. Sledghammer II
05. Fake Rush
06. Director Of...
07. No Real Reason
08. Slow Drown


By | The Dash
Tags | Techno , Reviews - Albums , Audio , Acid , Experimental , Minimal , Abstract , Dark , Drone

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