Terrence Dixon - Badge of Honor

Out on the highly reputed Surface Records, owned by The 65D Mavericks, Terrence Dixon's vinyl-only LP navigates around an ironically, wonky subset of outsider techno that comes from a high lineage of the likes of Drexciya, Suburban Knights and even of first acid house pioneer, Charanjit Singh.
Bubbly, modulated acid lines, choppy hits and snaky synths take us through the album which dives deep under the surface to uncover subterranean sounds for the listener -- the seldom-aired, alienish, chaotic quality that defies boxes and convention. Other reviewers have called it 'groggy', 'lopsided', 'asymmetrical', 'quirky'. Make it of what you will, it is definitely extra-ordinary.

Especially, tracks like 'Lock Out Chamber' reference early proto acid while more percussive-based tracks such as the brilliant, swirling 'Deploy' and the breathtaking banger 'The Mission' throws producer punches in a sea of copycats. Overall, tracks such as 'Incoming' appear as tightly programmed machine jams; infinite loops that mature the more they progress into the abyss.

With 'Badge of Honor', Detroit techno and its key soldier Terrence Dixon can stand proud to not fall as others might have fallen to the fanfare trappings of modern replicant techno that are a far cry from the roots. This is the origins of techno from the depths of someone at the sidelines, who makes music 'Out of Time' and out of water. Truly a piece of spellbinding work, please take note.
01. Operation Acoustic
02. Out Of Time
03. Incoming
04. Lock Out Chamber
05. High Current
06. Deploy
07. The Mission
08. Ships In Fog
09. Ocean To Sea
10. Space Probe
11. Light Years
12. The Atlantic
13. Radio Room
14. View From A Lighthouse
15. The Connection


By | The Dash
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