Released for sale today (11 July 2011), Zomby finally delivers his rock-solid 16-track album, 'Dedication'. The wait was certainly worth the while!

It is definitely a moody one, with a darker and more emotional edge than his previous. Every track has a mystical touch and a name to match. And in trademark Zomby style, a catchy and daring melody personifies each track. It is good to be listening to songs again.

Zomby - Alothea

'Black Orchid' catches you by surprise with a high-pitched melody that is pleasant to the ear and warms the soul. 'A Devil Lay Here' is simple yet haunting, sounding like an eviler twin sister of 'Riding With Death'.

Zomby - Black Orchid

Zomby - A Devil Lay Here

'Basquiat', which must be a tribute to Jean-Michel, is a piano piece devastation in beauty which shows the producer's classical side, in case you missed it. Other favourite stand-outs are: 'Natalia's Song', 'Mozaik', 'Witch Hunt' and 'Lucifer'.

A man of his own, the smart arrangement of sound clips such as with human vox percussion on 'Vortex' or 'Digital Rain' for example, and gunshots in 'Witch Hunt' is admirable. The shortness of each track too is well controlled and just enough for what it's worth. A crispness and clarity comes through in the album -- a sign of an original craftsman.

The album name actually comes from it being “a dedication to someone much loved and missed”. Oh.


01. Witch Hunt
02. Natalia’s Song
03. Alothea
04. Black Orchid
05. Riding With Death
06. Vortex
07. Things Fall Apart
08. Salamander
09. Lucifer
10. Digital Rain
11. Vanquish
12. A Devil Lay Here
13. Florence
14. Haunted
15. Basquiat
16. Mozaik

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