NRK's Back in the Box compilation has consistently given underrated tracks a second spin, and Global Communication's premium delivery package is no different.

Inviting curators such as DJ Sneak, Dave Clarke, Joey Negro and now Global Communication to share their most cherished music 'back in the day', Back in the Box rises above with no holds barred. What we wish the now ubiquitous 'DJ Charts' were more of--classics that by no fault of their own get lost in the annals of history...

Dave Clarke's gave us a slice of Chicago house with tracks by Virgo, Mr Lee, Ralphi Rosario and Da Posse from labels as Trax Records, Dance Mania and D.J. International. Joey Negro pulled out R Tyme, LFO and Underground Resistance out of his bag. For Global Communication's, we reach back into the heyday of British techno and its founding, of which the duo--Mark Pritchard and Tom Middleton--firmly belong in.

Still unendingly regarded for their ambient album, 76:14 (1994, Dedicated), which was described by The Guardian as an "unfathomably beautiful out-of-time masterpiece", Global Communication are also otherwise known as Jedi Knights, Secret Ingredients, The Chameleon, Link, Reload & 5621, remixing anyone from Aphex Twin to Depeche Mode.

Back together after a 15-year hiatus, the duo who first met memorably as DJs with similar tastes, now do the fitting honours of this flashback. Tapping into the current zeitgeist of UK ambient electronica bubbling around the world, this release is timely for giving an authentic snapshot to those uninitiated in the genre and a nostalgic trip for those who as we say, were there when it happened. Let's connect.

In here you'll find the seeds and offshoots of everything that contributed or influenced the UK sound from the early to mid 90s, including across-the-globe Detroit. Check into rhythmic breakbeat structures by Ross 154, Ismistik and Urban Tribe, head-on techno by Lory D to more travails in space by Balil, and finally, 'bad acid' by DHS.

The artists we know as Sven Väth, Kenny Larkin, Richie Hawtin, Kirk Degiorgio, Kevin Saunderson and Carl Craig all make their appearances here albeit as their alter-monikers: Barbarella, Yennek, F.U.S.E and States of Mind, As One, Reese, and BFC, Psyche and Urban Tribe respectively. And of course, you can't leave out 808 State or Aphex Twin when conducting a history lesson such as this.

Of the lot, personal stand-outs are Never on Sunday (Octave One)'s melodic housey feel-good, The Journey, Speedy J's mellow rave number, De-Orbit, and Reel by Real's understated Surkit that sounds like it can do some serious damage when used right (or as when sampled in LTJ Bukem's Atlantis).

For a compilation tracklist shining so bright, the DJ mixes are a little less of a stunner in a dancefloor context, but definitely emotive and evocative, with all due respect. Buy this if for the track references alone, and find your own way to get where you're at.

"Recording things under different aliases gave me the freedom to put out different styles of music without one release being judged by another. This was quite important back in the early nineties as people tended to stick to one style - being purist in their music buying often shunning other styles." - Mark Pritchard

CD 1
01. Fade II Black - The Calling (Reprise)
02. System 7 & Derrick May - Altitude
03. Reese - Just Want Another Chance
04. BFC - Galaxy
05. F.U.S.E. - Technotropic
06. Shake - Sonar 123
07. Lory D - Sickness (Sounds Never Seen)
08. Neuropolitique - Mind You Don't Trip
09. DHS - Number 9 Bad Acid
10. Speedy J - De-Orbit (TM Outer Limits Salute Repitch)
11. Balil - Nort Route
12. Florence - A Touch Of Heaven
13. Flux - True Feelings
14. Reload & E621 - Ptyzh
15. States Of Mind - Audio Q5A
16. Robert Leiner - Aqua Viva

CD 2
01. Link - Intro (The Labels)
02. Ismistik - Flow Charts
03. Yennek - Serena X (Carl Craig Inner Zone Remix)
04. Psyche - Elements
05. Never On Sunday - The Journey
06. As One - Amalia
07. Aphex Twin - Tha
08. Stasis - Point Of No Return
09. Balil - Whirling Of The Spirits
10. 808 State - Sunrise
11. Urban Tribe - Covert Action
12. Link - Places of Origin
13. Model 500 - Infoworld
14. Reel by Real - Surkit
15. Ross 154 - Mayflower
16. Global Communication - Incidental Harmony
17. Barbarella - Barbarella (The Irresistible Force Remix)

Available as separate Vinyl samplers 1-3, 2xCD (Comp, Mixed) and Digital


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