A mixbag pick of 3 new LPs from Kirk Degiorgio to Huerco S. and Senking create this edition of Subaltern Soundbites.

Kirk Degiorgio – SambaTek (Far Out Recordings)
Truly one of the electronic world’s forefathers and greats, Kirk Degiorgio delves deeply into yet another root of music: Brazilian Samba. ‘SambaTek’ is the experimental marriage between Kirk’s high profile techno career with "classic samba drum breaks and organic percussive elements." The results are effective: An original collection of hard-hitting club-ready tracks ready to get in the bag.

Known for his far-reaching, almost obsessive collection and presentation of various musical roots from Motown to Electro, P-Funk to Synthwave and the Cinematic Seventies on Red Bull Music Academy’s, Kirk’s appreciation for music is once again demonstrated in ‘SambaTek’.

The heady percussion and driving beats of the album’s early tracks such as ‘Babilonia’ and ‘Dende’ give way to more soulful moments to breathe in tracks such as ‘Vidigal’ and ‘Rocinha’. Performing much like a DJ set if you will, the album is meaty fodder of samba-infused techno, which up till now has no precedent.

Remixes come courtesy of Detroit godson Rick Wilhite, who provides a dubby interpretation of ‘Babilonia’, as well as Barcelonan duo NX-1 (made up of Surit and Samot), who execute the theme of ‘SambaTek’ with their personal touch, and Jonas Kopp, who offers a stripped down, more modernist version of ‘Borel’.
Kirk will be taking ‘SambaTek’ on the road, with live percussion added to the show.

01. Morro da Formiga
02. Babilônia
03. Dendê
04. Borel 
05. Complexo Do Alemão
06. Rocinha
07. Prazeres
08. Vidigal
09. Babilônia (Rick Wilhite Dub)
10. Borel (Jonas Kopp 'My Vision Of Samba' Remix)
11. Borel (NX1 Remix)


Huero S. – Colonial Patterns (Software Recording Co.)

Ah Huerco S. (Brian Leeds), the cassette-releasing (Opal Tapes) lo-fi producer from Kansas City prompting the coining of the genre known as ‘Outsider House’ and moving underground house to subterranean levels. Names aside, Huerco S. has been bubblin up in various circles for good reason. Well-apparent in this album released on Oneohtrix Point Never’s label, Software Recording Co., he showcases how much can be made of so little.

Each track is infused with texture and vibe, repetitive, hypnotic and almost meditative in a way that it brings you to present awareness. A bit about Huerco S.’s process can reveal more. He has said that he owns very little gear. His samples (some from commercial music or films) are re-contextualised to resemble nothing like its origins:
“Going back to that collage thing, building these patterns and loops and kind of re-listening over and over again, just this really repetitive - almost like sculpture or something, just adding and subtracting things.”
Elsewhere, he also said of the album:
“The Mississippian culture, they’re mostly known for building these giant earthen mounds. I was thinking about how these people made these things. This meticulous – I mean it was slave labour, but – this task over and over again, just to build this mound. Something actually kind of worthless, just dirt, you know? So applying this to sound. Doing something over and over again, listening to the same thing over and over again. Like shoveling. Uncovering things and covering them back up.”
Talent comes in many forms, but they all need one thing in common to shine –unconformity to anything else out there and of course, the strength to execute it without pause.

01. Struck with Deer Lungs
02. Plucked From the Ground, Towards the Sun
03. Quivira
04. Anagramme of My Love
05. 'Iinzhiid
06. Ragtime U.S.A. (Warning)
07. Monks Mound (Arcology)
08. Prinzif
09. Hopewell (Devil)
10. Fortification III
11. Skug Commune
12. Canticoy
13. Chun-Kee Player
14. Angel (Phase)


Senking – Capsize Recovery (Raster-Noton)

Not much is known of Cologne’s Senking or Jens Massel except for him to be known through his steady and well-timed work on labels Karaoke Kalk and also Raster-Noton with his latest LP, ‘Capsize Recovery’. Following his well-received albums such as ‘List’ (2007) and ‘Pong’ (2010), ‘Capsize Recovery’ once again shows the producer’s knack for crafting ominous, disorientating soundscapes that straddle the balance between cinema score and berserk underground hit.
Pulsing bass, jarring sawtooth sines, spoken word samples and distortion form the backbone, while listeners are taken through a watery adventure, presumably that of a ship rescue – from the unknown search scene set by the first track ‘Chainsawfish’ to the gently uplifting and hopeful ‘Tiefenstop’ after the album’s title ‘Capsize Recovery’. From the wailing ‘Murders’ offering an unexpected twist to the ambivalent ending of ‘Enduro Bones’ that closes the final curtains. After which, the storymaster has closed his books, sealed his lips.

Lovers of the album format will enjoy listening to ‘Capsize Recovery’ in one sitting as Senking intended – ideally in a dark room with good dynamics so one can appreciate the full breadth and spectrum of the sounds carefully chosen and placed in each corner.
Once again, a polished work of a producer carefully perfecting his craft in a niche that he has carved out; conscientiously chipping away at a slab of marble to reveal the statue of David.

01. Chainsawfish
02. Shading
03. Cornered
04. Capsize Recovery
05. Tiefenstop
06. Nightbeach
07. Murders
08. Enduro Bones


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