Known for their complex tracks and extended live performances that can last to up to 3 hours, Dadub is made up of Daniele Antezza and Giovanni Conti, an Italian dub techno duo specializing in mastering and sound design.

Lush, ambient ecosystems grant temporary reprieve from the dark atmospherics and gritty industrial cuts that dominate You Are Eternity. Indeed, Dadub’s debut album, also the third album from Stroboscopic Artefacts, positions itself as part of an eternity that is forever recurring. But despite clearly knowing their stuff (they master all of Stroboscopic Artefacts’ releases, helping to define the sound of the label), the duo aren’t so concerned with technical perfection as they are with communicating emotion from music. They’re happy with “letting the dirt give personality to the track” at times.

Going down the tracklist: ‘Vibration’ is a hypnotic drone that builds and builds, filled with intricate shamanic touches and artfully allocated noise, capped off by a well-placed sample from Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti. This is followed by the set-opener of a track entitled ‘Truth’. Driven by a driving pulse, it contains the sort of polemic dialogue that goes hand in hand with noisy, monochrome vignettes in a dark space at a modern museum exhibit; Electronic work informed by world issues, not unlike that of sound art collective Ultra-red and its political aesthetic, albeit a darker version thereof.

‘Life’, is deep, driving, and moody, with complex percussive layers. ‘Path’ goes down the route of dubby and driving, with plenty of rolling, panning bits and never lets up in intensity where ‘Life’ left off. With ‘Death’, you’re navigating a barren, frozen sea whose waters suddenly turn… well, dark and choppy with tribal undercurrents.

I second the reviewer who likened ‘Transfer’ (featuring Ninja Tunes stalwart King Cannibal) to an all-out combat between two pissed-off Transformers. The heavy machine onslaught is just mind-shattering, the most brutal cut on the album. ‘Arrival’ starts off slow, then launches into a frenzied but fluid assault with relentless drum and bass textures.

And then the album takes a different turn. There are watery, almost rainforest-like elements rippling and bubbling through some of these closing tracks. ‘Unbroken Continuity’ for example, evokes a darkened cave with incessant waterdrops against an ominous background tone.

The laws of physics seem to apply when the album is listened to as a whole. Dadub demonstrates an instinctive aptitude for building tension, momentum, density, and propelling an album through with sheer driving force. The end result is powerful but perfectly nuanced – as one might expect from seasoned mastering engineers who are also about a piece of music’s emotional integrity, harking back to what these guys do best: moving people in every sense of the word.


01. Vibration
02. Truth
03. Life
04. Path
05. Circle feat. Edit Select
06. Death
07. Transfer feat. King Cannibal
08. Arrival
09. Unbroken Continuity
10. Experience feat. Øe
11. Existence
12. Iridescent Fragment


By | Una Sangard
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